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NHL 06 With NHL 06 players can score like a superstar, express themselves through their shooting style with the new EA SPORTS Skill Stick and light the lamp with highlight reel moves such as spinoramas, toe drags, bat-ins, and between-the-legs shots. Classic deke control adds to the arsenal of moves allowing maneuvers around defensemen before snapping off dangerous shots that can ripple the twine and knock the water bottle off the net. [Electronic Arts]

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 79 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1255
Genre Sports, Traditional, Team, Ice Hockey, Sim
Players 4 Online
Company / Developer
EA Sports / EA Canada

NHL 06 reviews ( 4 )

CurtP., Sep 13, 2005

While EA's console NHL series may have been lacking over the past few years, the PC versions have shined. The same can be said for this year's PC vesion of NHL 06. Stunning graphics, improved deke moves, the goalies make your jaw drop with realistic acrobatic saves, and more realistic goals make this game grade A+.

SteveW., Apr 12, 2006

Most innovative game of hockey since they created the one-timer in NHL '94. The speed burst and stick handling are almost perfectly balanced. Finally fun to play again!

DaveG., Sep 23, 2005

A welcome step above 2005. Gone are the teeth shaking hits the computer would dish out as you tried in vain to gain the offensive zone. The addition of the skill stick is nice - but takes getting used to. The left deking stick is also new and will require a few games before it becomes almost second nature. Props to adding back in the player creation but points lost for losing the import MP3 ability (I miss hearing LL Cool J during the fights) Overall a great game that despite a few shortcomings will give this hockey fan hours of fun throughout the winter!

EricH., Sep 16, 2005

Because of the lock-out incident of last season, everything related to hockey, beside the actual thing may i add, went really popular as fans would satisfy their lust for hockey that way. That, and knowing that EA would try to deliver a good product since the ESPN version has been generally considered better than their last year version of their NHL made me really anxious about the game. I've been playing for a few hours now and I totally hate it. The added features, such as free deking and the skills stick are nice improvements. They blend perfectly with the kind of offense that you would want to create in an hockey game, the problem is that the defense is insanely tweaked and has been reduced to the task of waiting for a loose puck in front of the goalie as it became basically impossible (and even after modifying the gameplay options) to contain the offensive players from entering the zone and taking a decent shot. The goalkeepers are the biggest flaws of this year's edition as they law down for no reason basically everytime a player dekes, thus letting open the top of the net for an easy goal. I can not understand why EA thought it would be a good idea to make scoring so easy. Maybe they are trying to appeal to the arcade craving kids while abandonning all hope of creating a game that would please the players who prefer a real sport game. A lot of previous edition glitches were not corrected which leads me to think EA still hasnt understood how to make a good hockey game : the AI is still lacking creativity , as they seem to score goals like crazy at the start and the end of periods while leaving the rest of the game for you to catch back. If you call for a line change during the play, you can be sure that they will score because all of your players stop playing together (we had the exact same issue in 04, that's 2 years ago), and if you try to change lines during the pauses, you might find yourself working blind because the text boxes will hide your selection. They said the game was to look like the 94 one (which I still own on my Snes and prefer over the 06 edition),but I think the only think that made it through the 12 years span is the frustation you get when Lemieux would take the puck and cross the ice without being checked because of his speed and strengh, only now it's like that for all of the players.