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NHL 07 The golden age of console hockey returns with NHL 07, featuring gameplay innovations that make players feel like they are actually on the ice. Featuring an unmatched level of freedom and control, NHL 07 allows hockey purists and casual fans alike to feel like they can play like a pro. [Electronic Arts]

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 74 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1557
Genre Sports, Traditional, Team, Ice Hockey, Sim
Players 2 Online
Company / Developer
EA Sports / EA Sports

NHL 07 reviews ( 6 )

LucaC., Oct 4, 2006

I agree with some of the comments before, however the AI and controls are much improved over last year and the only thing that really got on my nerves other than the annoying invasive music, is the GUI interface. I don't understand why they don't just include a Windows based player/league/team editor. Consider it IS running on a PC, the possibilities would be endless. Also they still haven't included the music importer that worked for 03-04 and was super. Hopefully they'll make it available as a free download real soon.

MartinS., Nov 15, 2006

There is no reason to buy this game if you own NHL06. I think the graphics actually look fuzzier than last years release and the on ice sound (always a high point of this franchise) has definitely taken a leap backwards. Is it me or does it seem that every EA Sports sim have hall of fame rosters but this one? People who don't like the cliched commentary can do what I do....turn it off. It does work with Vista though. 06 worked once then never started again. If you can live without the roster updates, wait until next year.

RichyB., Sep 15, 2006

How's is it after a full year there is nothing improved? Once again they've proved either they can't be bothered to put a little time in money into one of their oldest series, or that they are completely and utterly incompetent. Identicle to 06 with the exception that the circle around the player is now a star, and they changed some of the background colour. Completely disappointing. Gone are the days when you used to get excited about the release date. Didn't even finish one bloody game. Do not buy!

eatachair, Apr 1, 2011

my god this game is terribleim **** tired of ea sports making good games for the xbox and then porting them to the pc like theyd port to a phone.im f'in pissed

Xz, Sep 16, 2006

Again, in game NHL it can't bind movements on WASD. And actions can bind on numerical keyboard but in game they don't work. In every game, left hand control the movements and right hand control the actions. Developers did all inside out and it don't change. Don't they know that's not comfortable? Has normal controls done so hard? And NHL 07 is NHL 06 + minor changes

RicoB., Sep 16, 2006

EA is being ridiculous with the pc gamers. While 40% of nhl gamers use computers, they offer year after year weak ports full of glitches that shows a lack of either efforts or intelligence; only nhl 06 and nhl 07 led my pc to the Blue screen of death since Windows XP. What reaches the summit of inherent stupidity, is the fact that EA produced this year 2 differents NHLs: one for the Next Gen, and one for the Current Gen, and of course since PCs have been invented in the 70s, they fall in this second category, of all the gaming capable hardware, only the 360 is next gen, there is no version coming out for the ps3 or Wii. EA are also being very hypocrite on how they publicize the game. On the internet and probably also on TV, they keep showing images and trailers of the 360 edition, stating that it is available for PS2 Xbox360 Xbox and PC thus making absolutely no distinction between the two versions, I tend to think this is almost suitable for legal actions. A quick look at the game