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NHL 09 Be A Pro: NHL 09 puts you on the ice with a dynamic new camera as you play the role of one player on a team. With pop-up feedback given on your performance as you play, you know exactly where you’re excelling and what parts of your game need improvement. Be A Pro starts your career off in the ranks of the NHL and challenges you to become one of the best in the league. Rookie Controls: Hit, pass, shoot, and score using the simplified two-button control system. Now even players new to the game can challenge the best of the best. European Leagues - Reflecting the global appeal of the sport, NHL 09 has full dynasty modes for the official Swedish, Finnish, Czech and German Leagues as well introducing, for the first time ever, a season mode for the Russian Super League. [Electronic Arts]

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 64 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1486
Genre Sports, Traditional, Team, Ice Hockey, Sim
Company / Developer
Electronic Arts / EA Canada

NHL 09 reviews ( 7 )

JanisLatvia, Jan 16, 2016

Real good game It doesn't look like it would have 8 years this year because you see graphics are real better in next parts of NHL games but i feel like i would never play better than 09 because i just love the game!

twilightrocks, Mar 30, 2013

ignore the bad reviews, this game is good! the graphics may be a bit dated for the time but the gameplay is fun and thats what counts! the controls are pretty good too! the only annoying thing about this game is the amount of times the ref whistles you and drops the puck again just for very minor offenses. i got this game for £3 and im glad i bought it!

DominikCZE, Nov 9, 2013

Honestly, me wanting to play a REAL NHL game is what made me buy a PS3 years ago. Basically NHL 03 with new rosters, doesn't even support proper multiplayer.

MurdockH, Nov 18, 2008

If you do not own a hockey game for your PC, I would recommend NHL08 the most out of what little there is. If you can find NHL09 for a very cheap price, go for it - as long as you don't already own a hockey game for your computer. If you have ANY other hockey game, this one will be no different, no better, and the only advantage it has is the updated player rosters, which are about right for August of 2008. All graphics, gameplay, commentary, menus, EVERYTHING is the same as the past 3 or 4 years of the EA NHL franchise. As many have said, they have put VERY little time in to this, and almost no effort at all. The "be a pro" mode is a great idea, I've heard it is EXCELLENT on the X-Box and PS3, but sadly this game is NOT the same at all on the PC. My vote is that EA has completely failed their PC market. If you own previous EA hockey titles, 09 will surely disappoint you and leave you frustrated.

Flack007, Oct 16, 2014

NHL 2004 with updated roster. Nothing at all. The worst hockey game for PC. Waste of money, waste of time. Rather play old versions. Btw it's last ice-hockey game for computers, so it's only one reason why to play or buy this game.

Joe, Dec 19, 2008

This would have been an awesome game like...10 years ago. NHL series peaked in 2001-2002 and been dropping like a rock since then. Its truly a disgrace that EA even has the balls to release this game for anything more than free, hell people who pirate the game will probably feel robbed of hard drive space. Yeah its that bad and that's putting it nicely. Another typical EA PS2 to PC port job, almost nothing new, game engine developed in the late 1980's, textures from 2001, horrible resolution support, lack of online support, overall just another turd straight out of the EA poopchute. To think we had games like oblivion setting the bar graphics wise in early 06 and crysis in late 07 and here we are late 08 getting this garbage from EA its just sickening, for a company so big, they produce games with quality so small.

MarcosE, Jan 3, 2010

This game doesnt deverse a 1.... the only positive point: licensed.... nothing more.... the controls are terrible, the response even worst, doesnt have even a 16:9 resolution (NFL 08 have, one Year BEFORE)