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NHL 2003 Dynamic Deke Control: User-activated dekes give you full control of the puck. Game Breaker: Build enough momentum and the action slows in key moments -- feel your heart pounding while you go for goal. New Graphics and Animation Engine: NHL action comes to life with all-new animations and stunning graphics. New Puck Physics and Goalie AI: The players and puck respond more accurately to your actions. More Cool Features: 4 game modes, Create-A-Player, real on-ice sounds, and dynamic camera work bring the NHL to your fingertips. [EA Sports]
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 77 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1041
Genre Sports, Traditional, Team, Ice Hockey, Sim
Company / Developer
EA Sports / EA Sports
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NHL 2003 reviews ( 1 )

Chigliak, Nov 3, 2002

If EA Sports would concentrate less on people in the crowd, players blowing their noses or celebrating too much for goals scored, or that childish waste of programming - fighting, and more on equal gameplay for both computer and human players, they would have a much better game.