Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom Crack Plus License Key

Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom Re-enter the animated world of Ni no Kuni in the sequel to the role-playing masterpiece developed by LEVEL-5. Explore a beautifully crafted world and experience the gripping story in an all-new RPG adventure. LEVEL-5 reunites with Yoshiyuki Momose on character design and Music created by Joe Hisaishi in the production of the next Ni no Kuni tale.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 83 / 100
User rating
Downloads 2283
Genre Role-Playing, Japanese-Style
Company / Developer
Level 5 , Bandai Namco Games / Level 5
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Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom reviews ( 4 )

NieuweGassie, Mar 25, 2018

Beautiful visuals, great music, memorable characters, and a fun, innocent story about a boy who wants to build a kingdom where everybody can live happily ever after. Gameplay takes on a varied form, from walking around on a world map and doing real-time battles, to taking command of small armies fighting off invaders, to building up a kingdom by building structures and interacting with them. The combat system rewards skill above all. Dodging, blocking, asking party members for assistance, using special skills, switching weapons during battle, all lend to making combat feel fun and varied. I could write a hell of a lot more, but then we'd enter more spoiler territory. Suffice to say that this game is worth your time. It's quality. It runs well, it's a good port with mouse and keyboard support, it's got a large selection of graphics options, it's got japanese and english voices as you prefer, and above all it just feels like a polished game. Well done Level-5!

chefi984, Apr 10, 2018

This game has a really nice story and good dynamics (The editing and growing kingdom part didnt like it at all). Even Ghibli didnt colaborate in this game, has a strong esence of this wonderful studio. As a conservative japanese rol game, its pretty nice game. If you want an oldschool rol game style with nice and fresh graphics, this is the game.

Dubeau, Apr 7, 2018

Ni No Kuni II is a very good game. Heavily inspired by Dark Clouds 2 in terms of combat, town building. You also have to manage a small army that has it's own set of events. It is very important to do the side quests, to acquire citizens for your kingdom. It helps to level your army and characters, but also to give you an edge in many aspect of the game. It facilitate combats, items powers and creation, and much more...The graphics were stunning for cell shading and very smooth on PC. The sounds were pretty good too, but there isn't voice over on everything. So you will need to read. The music is maybe the aspect that was more average but you can adjust it in the menu. The story seemed simple but it gets more layers has you go. And the ending was very nice and imaginative. Things that weren't perfect: using the boat was short live; the running speed seem very slow at time; many small quest were very similar; the army fights weren't very well balanced...I did many side quests and turn around 48 hours, and I know there were things I didn't find or done. I give it a 90% because it made me remember so much of Dark Clouds and it was executed with a lot of flair and brilliance. Bravo.

blubberguts, Mar 26, 2018

A wonderful, fun game that is also disappointing. The game has great visuals, sound, and controls. The worst thing about it is the combat system, which is moronic. It is the same thing over and over around the battlefield pressing x or y (fast attack or slow attack) OR.... jump into the air and press X or Y. Or press a different button to fire your ranged weapon. It's boring and no fun. It also means all those different weapons and armor you find are less fun too. It's a shame and feels like a missed opportunity...would have been so much fun to try the different weapons and abilities against the different monsters in a turn based game. Is it worth playing? Yes. Very much so; I give it an 8. It's still fun because of the visuals and sound. But it would have been a 10 with good turn based combat. As it is a lot of the variety of weapons and armors and spells is just completely wasted; you barely notice the differences in combat.