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Nihilumbra Nihilumbra is a dark, atmospheric 2D puzzle platform game boasting hand painted dark environments, nightmarish monsters, and a hauntingly beautiful soundtrack. It tells a story that really panders to the existential dread lurking within us all.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 77 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1547
Genre Action, Adventure, General, Platformer, 2D
Company / Developer
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Nihilumbra reviews ( 7 )

zer0asnumber, Dec 28, 2015

Juego de puzle y plataformas aunque predomina más lo primero que lo segundo.Manejas un personaje y a medida que avanzas te van saliendo puzles en pantalla que tienes que ir resolviendo.El juego está muy bien,la jugabilidad es buena aunque hay que decir que se juega con teclado y ratón.La música y el colorido es muy bueno.A medida que vas jugando se va narrando una serie de cosas relacionadas con el mundo en el que estás y el personaje.Dificultad justa y ascendente aún para los que no jueguen mucho a este tipo de juegos.Es rejugable pues al terminártelo tienes la oportunidad de volver y hacer las fases de nuevo con algunos cambios,por lo que se hace un juego con una duración notable

SirKineon, Sep 10, 2016

Con este juego no tengo palabras. Este tipo de historia no la he encontrado en ningún otro juego. La jugabilidad es excelente y la forma de la que te exprime el cerebro algunas veces te hace engancharte mas a uno de los mejores juegos que he jugado nunca. El ambiente oscuro te pone en situción de forma perfecta para amar al juego aún más si cabe. Muy infravalorada esta creacion de Beautifun Games

Krzych, Aug 12, 2017

Beautiful and deep game. It is short and simple, but everything works very well. Always good looking and climatic hand drawn alike graphics combined with very good soundtrack create great atmosphere, enhanced by deep story provided with very well done narration. Game mechanics are very solid, you regularly get something new to play with. Difficulty is well balanced, you can't just press forward mindlessly but also the game is not difficult so your progression with story is not getting interrupted. Not much more to wish from small game of this kind. Certainly not a mainstream game for soulless materialists, hence why conflicting scores, but it has very good scores on steam and sold 200,000 copies, so glad to see such small lovely games being successful. Just about perfect for one night playthrough. Certainly one of those hidden gems that you are lucky to encounter by some fortunate accident.

matteda, Dec 13, 2013

Just what I like Prince of Persia & Limbo ;its clever,intelligent puzzle dark, atmospheric platform game beautiful..definitely hidden gem glad I found it its one of my all time best games

Matseb2611, May 6, 2015

This was a fun little game. Nihilumbra is a 2D platformer that focuses on puzzle solving and spans 5 main areas, each of which consists of several stages. Each area introduces a new colour, which then becomes important for the solutions of puzzles in that area. For example, blue colour makes you slide along as though on ice, making you travel faster and jump further, green makes you bounce, brown makes you stick to walls, and so on. I found the use of unique effects of each colour for puzzle solving to be a pretty cool mechanic that made puzzles interesting. Some colours even had multiple uses. For example, the red could burn the enemies, but it could also make fireflies glow brighter, hence illuminating darker areas. The overall execution is very nice. The art and the music are especially stunning. Though the narrator's voice was a bit offputting at times and seemed a tad repetitive. Worse yet, if you died and returned to a checkpoint, the narrator would say the same quote again, even if he already said it earlier. And having to redo the puzzles you've done already just to get to the one you died on was also frustrating. The game in general is worth playing if you like puzzle games, though the story mode is pretty short (took me about 3 hours to complete). After the story mode, you unlock the void mode, which is significantly harder and might not be for everyone, as you go through the same areas except with much more complex puzzles and more enemies, often pitting you in very vulnerable situations where you're bound to fail or die dozens of times before you succeed. So if you're on the fence and unsure, best to get the game when it's on sale. The story mode is worth it alone. I would certainly like to see more similar games from the developers, because this one definitely had the right idea.

VeIdrin, Mar 1, 2018

Nihilumbra ist ein 2D-Jump-and-Run mit Knobelelementen. Es setzt sich dahingehend von anderen 2D-Puzzleplatformern ab, indem es narrativ stets von einem Erzähler begleitet wird.

DeyvsonCaliman, Jul 25, 2016

This is a side-scrolling indie puzzle game. At the beginning the game seemed too simple, but it grew on me and I advanced. You character is a piece of the void, running from it as the void is trying to reclaim your character to itself, making you will lose your individuality and your conscience, although your character find it hard even to get a reason to be alive as he is “nothing”. The game have a narrator throughout your journey, which explains the basics and talk a lot about existential questions. I have to say that in some occasions I thought what the narrator said to be silly, it is too melodramatic. As you advance you find colors used to help you solve puzzles posed by the game. You paint those colors using your mouse, modifying the terrain. The first one you get is the blue one, that make the terrain slippery, making you run faster as you slide above it or making enemies slide into traps, than the green one, which makes you bounce and so on. Each place have it’s own color, like the volcano have the red one for fire and the city have yellow for electricity. You have to use those colors to solve puzzles, kill or avoid enemies or advance in difficult terrain. The game looks very easy, and when you finish the first stages the credits roll up, in an incredibly short game. But then you have to win the Void Mode, as the void was trying to get you it destroyed everything in its path and you have to reclaim it, or else it will “burden your conscience”, as the narrator explained. The Void Mode is far harder, and only then the game seems to really begin. After you revisit every place, solving some hard puzzles, you finally end the game as the first time, rolling the credits again. The game do not look like much, but is very original and can get your attention if you give it a chance. It’s difficulty gives us a real sense of achievement after every puzzle, but at the same time it’s not so hard to the point of making the player angry, being very balanced.