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No Time to Explain No Time To Explain is an action platformer by indie developer tiny Build GAMES.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 56 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1595
Genre Action, Platformer, 2D
Company / Developer
tiny Build GAMES , tinyBuild / tiny Build GAMES, tinyBuild
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No Time to Explain reviews ( 7 )

Misterknite, Aug 6, 2013

Pretty buggy, especially for Macs, but bursting with so much potential and all-around greatness that I'm fully confident you wont mind dropping a sawbuck on it when all is said and done.

armouredwaffle, Mar 24, 2013

A fun platformer that makes no bloody sense! You travel through time trying to save your future self, controls take a bit of getting used to and has some crap boss fights. The game still manages to make me laugh and makes trying the same level over and over fun. With some funny dialogue and things that just don't make any sense, the game is a lot of fun. Not the best platformer in the world but still worth a buy.

DoctorMedic, Feb 6, 2013

The controls worked pretty fine for me, but I hated the Reject Clone section. Also, Mecha-Squirrel felt like it caught SNK Boss Syndrome, plus it's a glitchy boss. Lag wasn't a problem, but I did notice that it took a few seconds when I died in a manner that caused a reset of the level to load back.

TheLurkingKing, Jan 3, 2014

No TIme to Explain is a simple puzzle platformer game that start out easy and then gets more harder on the next levels. The game has a simple artwork style which is pretty nice, but the overall game is just trial and error all over again, with no challenge whatsoever, it is just one of those "indie hard as games", I personally hate all those indie games that is meant to be hard and a nod to classic games, it is just an excuse for poor level design. The game has bosses but with zero difficult because you can die over and over without gaming over and always respawning on the boss arena, plus all the bosses are just "shoot him until they die" with nothing involving the player's skills. The game is really short as well, it is possible to beat it in two hours. The humor in this game though is possibly the only reason to buy it, but you can find all the cutscenes on Youtube. 5/10

BlueRaja, Jan 28, 2013

I *really* want to like this game, but right now the controls are just so clunky it's hard to enjoy the game, because you feel like you spend most of your time fighting against the controls. Mouse+keyboard were fine when this was a free flash game on Newgrounds that I could play instead of doing homework at school, but as a polished, paid-for game on Steam, it's not enough - this game needs Needs NEEDS controller support. I will update my review if and when the authors add controller support - hopefully in time for their first big Steam sale, which is when they'd make most of their sales.

TitaniumDragon, Nov 25, 2015

???I??�m you from the future! There??�s no time to explain!??? Thus begins No Time To Explain, a game which seems so promising as you chase your future self through the first few levels as he screams about being horribly mangled by the giant enemy crab who sets off the whole story. While this is funny ??� and a very strong start ??� unfortunately, the game rather goes downhill from there. This is not because the gameplay becomes any worse, but because, while the silly story continues, it just isn??�t as continuous after that point. It mostly takes place after zones, rather than getting those reminders in-zone of what is going on and what your goal is, and consequently, it basically ends up boiling down to the puzzles. Now, this isn??�t entirely bad; the game is built up around the 2D platforming puzzles that make it up. There are a number of zones, and in most of the zones, you gain a new ability unique to that zone to help propel you through that zone ??� or else, there is some unique new gimmick the new zone has. Both work decently enough, and the variety means that the levels seldom feel too samey. All of the areas are quite short as well, meaning that you never end up spending too much time on any given level, and the respawns are pretty generous, with frequent checkpoints (with a couple of exceptions which largely make sense). But a big part of the charm of the game is the ridiculous plot of you from the future warning you from the present, and the various silly things that happen as a result of that recursion, and without that in a lot of the game, it just kind of feels??� there. However, the biggest flaw with this game is that it is a puzzle platformer with deliberately poor controls ??� that is to say, it is intentionally difficult to control your character and get them to do exactly what you want them to do. The primary challenge is making whatever janky ability you have in a new area work for you and aid you in getting through the stages without struggling too much. While the controls are not ???loose??? in the sense of being inconsistent, they are certainly finicky, and it is often more or less trial and error in getting just the right angle on your abilities to clear many obstacles. It isn??�t that you don??�t know what you??�re supposed to do, it is that actually executing on what you??�re supposed to do is quite hard ??� ultimately, the game is more of a technical challenge than an intellectual one. The game itself feels a little bit cheap as well ??� the graphics are unimpressive, and the whole thing feels like it was made in Flash. There??�s just nothing really there to impress, and while there are a few levels later on ??� in particular, the art level ??� which do more, it just isn??�t really something that changed my mind about the game. For all its flaws, the game isn??�t bad. But it is kind of mediocre. I don??�t regret my time playing it, but it isn??�t anything to write home about, either, and your life will not be forever less for not playing it. It is passable, but no more.

TheICBPenguin, Mar 21, 2013

It doesn't work. It just straight up doesn't work. Anytime i try to move the moves it turns into a slideshow. My computer should not have trouble playing a game this low fi. This is shoddy coding and the developer(s) should be ashamed of having their name on this thing