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Nobunaga's Ambition: Sphere of Influence Become a Daimyo of the Warring States period of Japanese history in NOBUNAGA'S AMBITION, a historical simulation game of conquest and domination. It is the 30th anniversary of this series and this current release, NOBUNAGA'S AMBITION: Sphere of Influence, is the crown of the series.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 72 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1383
Genre Historic, Strategy, Turn-Based, General
Company / Developer
Koei Tecmo Games / Koei Tecmo Games

Nobunaga's Ambition: Sphere of Influence reviews ( 5 )

kingdonutlilac, Sep 29, 2015

As of a longtime fan of this genre I was surprised to find this on steam. If you played previous iterations of it or RotK games you know what this is about. After clearing a few scenarios I found one of funniest features in the game is creating custom officers. I created new factions/clans from all over the place. Adding unique custom portraits, stats, and bios was a blast. Imagine adding Liu Bei into the conflict or even someone like John Cena. Overall if you are a fan of genre I recommend getting it. For those who are not give it a rental on console or on steam on pc so you will be able to refund it if you don’t like it.

pconners, Sep 6, 2015

This is a deep, complex and rewarding strategy game. I haven't played the precursors in the series so I can't make comparisons, but I've played a lot of turn-based strategy games and this compares well. Beware, the underlying system is complex and not for the casual gamer. That makes it rewarding for the more involved strategy gamer, with a well thought through economic and military system. Koei have been making these games for 30 years and it shows, it's polished, well-balanced and the AI can present a decent challenge. In terms of features, the game offers standard empire management fare, with the object being to build up up your starting province(s) and conquer the bulk of 16th century Japan. The beauty comes in the well crafted interaction between different components: provinces generate money, supplies and troops, each must be developed using characters and labour points, labour points grow with population, population grows organically and by conquest and can be sped up with improvements (built by characters), characters also lead and influence armies and carry out covert operations, and so on. The game does a nice job of presenting interesting choices based on limited resources. I haven't played it long enough, but I suspect it's main drawback is that there isn't a huge difference in playstyles between different games and starting clans, which will limit replayability. This is offset by the quest system, which offers historical targets and quests for your clan. you can ignore them but they give nice bonuses and add a story feel to your campaign. This game just sucked most of my weekend and definitely has that one-more-turn feel to it.

huans171, Sep 12, 2015

Best strategy game ever, beat shogun2 by miles, however the battle mode lacks features and gameplay can get repetitive over time. Hope the next version can implement rpg elements such as start as a general pf the clan instead of the head of the clan to make politic more complex.

Troublewalking, Oct 13, 2015

Great update of the classic Nobunaga's Ambition. I really love the way they fixed this game. I personally love the Romance of the Three Kingdom's series more. So you know where this review is coming from[RTK 3 PC is my all time favorite]. And after looking at the video of RTK 13 that will also release in the U.S. all I can do is wonder why NA got all the love. If you love classic Koei games or grand strategy games this game is a must have. I got this game on Steam and it is wonderful. But I strongly recommend you only buy it for PS4. As if anything goes wrong Steam's customer support is horrendous. People wait months to recover accounts, and they don't even back their advertised prices. Lesson learned, and I recommend you buy this for PS4. I was going to buy a Steam Machine, but thanks to the bad Steam customer support, I have learned the error of my ways and I will soon have a PS4 to sit next to my XB1 instead of a Steam machine.

Unicron35, Nov 27, 2017

Nobunaga's Ambition Sphere of Influence is a good strategy game from Koei based on Japan's Sengoku era. The strategy phase and battles have been streamlined. The music soundtrack and officer portraits are awesome. However, NA SOI suffers from technical problems that should not be in the final product. One in your face issue is the created officers explanation text is reversed when you first start a scenario. Also, the resolution resets every time you launch the game which seems to affect random PCs. The game also crashes if you do not save often and the mouse randomly stops working for no reason. NA SOI could be one of the best strategy games ever made. However, these major technical issues which are being ignored by the devs are holding NA SOI back from being so.