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Not a Hero Professional assassin turned amateur campaign manager Steve has been tasked with cleaning up his city by an anthropomorphic rabbit and mayoral candidate from the future named BunnyLord.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 77 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1478
Genre Action, General, Platformer, Shooter, 2D, Shoot-'Em-Up, Horizontal
Company / Developer
Devolver Digital / roll7
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Not a Hero reviews ( 7 )

Shoedom, May 20, 2015

Not A Hero is a very fast paced, colourful, violent and humorous take on the 2D side-scrolling shooter, using an interesting cover based system and limited controls which ramp up it's difficulty. The game rewards you with new characters as you progress, who, despite being limited to the same three buttons, actually all handle completely differently and require a varied style of play. I thoroughly enjoyed this game, unlike a selection of the critics who have slated it on the basis of its "sense of humour", which is a blindingly unfair criticism of a game whose dialogue is procedurally generated. If you pay closer attention to what is actually going on, it's quite clear to see that this game itself is a comment on the state of the gaming industry and the state of us as players, and our nurtured expectations. Offering a very meta criticism of narrative and how violence is justified in modern games. Take a second to look past all the "willybag"s and "pissflaps", and actually pay attention to the overall message. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a fun and challenging game who has the ability to understand an entire sentence rather than getting hung up on individual words.

mumbles, May 14, 2015

If the creators of Broforce were British, hit on the head repeatedly with wiffle ball bats in their early stages of infancy, raised on R-rated films and later decided to create a game based on Elevator Action this game would be the result. Like OlliOlli, it's very challenging but fun once you put in the effort. The pixel-style works really well, the soundtrack is fantastic and voice acting is hilarious (as is the randomized text generator that's put to use for some of BunnyLord's dialogue). It's a very funny game and I'm looking forward to the port over to PS4 and Vita along with Broforce. If nothing, you'll laugh if you have a twisted sense of humour. Point your face at this wombatfilth, you nerdface and vote Bunnylord.

thequailboy, May 15, 2015

Worms, meets Max Payne, meets GTA London. This game has surprised me over and over again. Behind the violence and madness it's a deeply challenging and skill curved experience. The learning curve is immense but once you start getting good it is joyous! If you like absurd violence, guns, bombs you cannot go wrong. There is at least 24 hours of game play to be had here and it's the perfect partner for a long flight or train ride. The Bunny Lord character isn't as funny as it thinks it is but thankfully it's skippable. A brilliant game for FPS and platformer fans alike.

TheDavyStar, Dec 1, 2015

Hotline London, if you will. After the seminal OlliOlli and OlliOlli2, Rool7 decided that they would be best followed up with a crude political satire, just in time for the UK general election. And there's a lot of potential in the barmy premise: a bunch of assassins help a bunny who's travelled back in time in his electoral campaign by bumping off crime around town in the most violent ways imaginable. The game plays out like a 2D cover shooter where you cower behind whatever before moving in for the kill. The level design, however, gets rather repetitive. It's mostly the same corridors where you take down two or more enemies in each corridor, with the minimal amount done to spice it up each time. So yes, it's repetitive, but I can live with that when the actual game plays out so well each time. The cover mechanic does keep you on your toes and remains challenging. On top of that, the music is brill. Not a Hero is not the beautifully streamlined treat that was OlliOlli, but the fun aesthetics and mechanics will make it a good selection for most - just not an essential one.

The_BlueRose, Mar 18, 2017

Fun game with a great sense of humour. The classic mechanic of beat this stage and complete these objectives in order to unlock a specific ending. Some gameplay issues that should be fix are IMO: - A specific button to execute on the ground, sometimes fails to do it. - Others: icons better visible (stunt), stacking of corpses sometimes can not allow you to see the alive enemies.

GameReviewJrnal, Apr 6, 2016

Great artwork, soundtrack and writing, but the gameplay falls short. Repetitive actions in a difficult setting with no checkpoints will leave the player frustrated to the point where they don't even want to complete the game. I'm a huge Hotline Miami fan, and this game tries to emulate that in a 2d side scrolling fashion. Early in the game it captures it, but the later stages are very difficult and the player has to restart the entire level after each death.

Ckau, Jun 19, 2015

I might say it's not well balanced and polished enough. Most of characters are useless, and not suitable even for beating some special levels. And characters unlocked later often not better then previous ones. I've beaten almost whole game with two-shot shotgun guy, because of his speed and silent execution - why someone even need more? Most frustrating thing is being knocked by an enemy, who supposed to be tuckled. Better - be shot in air by same guy. Almost instant death. But sometimes happens even better thing - you stuck between two **** punching you back and forward, and slowly killing you, dealing one by one shots in between knocks. Somehow, I've beaten this game with Megalord ending. It was kind of fun, but mostly pain in the ass. I think I'm not gonna replay it a lot, except maybe several first levels, when game not behave like spoiled kid - unforgiving, and doing things seemingly just to irritate you. But WORST of everything is lagging spikes, followed by FPS-drop. This game is totally about FPS. Some levels are piece of cake, if you turn your Fraps on, in order to slow down game-play a little bit. Other levels are freaking hell, because somehow FPS-drop slows not only enemies, but your gunshot-rate. Overall: If you got ice in your veins and balls of steel - that's not so bad game, have some nice feeling of kick-ass. Otherwise - skip it. You hardly gonna pass middle of the game, and it's almost impossibly-hardcore to beat last level.