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NRA Varmint Hunter NRA Varmint Hunter is an exciting new game for the hunting enthusiast combining the expertise of Speedco Shooting Sports "developer of Xtreme Accuracy Shooting" and the broad knowledge and educational base of the National Rifle Association. The game features a very high degree of realism and education in the craft of long range shooting, and the boundless enjoyment of the fastest growing hunting sport in the USA. It's all there for your enjoyment with the NRA Varmint Hunting game. [Speedco]

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 18 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1460
Genre Sports, Individual, Nature, Hunting
Players 1 Player
Company / Developer
Speedco Shooting Sports, Inc. / Speedco Shooting Sports, Inc.

NRA Varmint Hunter reviews ( 4 )

RockF., Feb 1, 2005

It's a hunting simulation, true to life in every aspect. Either you get it or you don't, but for those of us with some sense, it's a great way to learn something about a real sport that a good part of the country enjoys. It may not be for everyone but it's accurate and has depth, and I'll be playing for months. Just wish their were more predators. [Ed: Hmmm....]

LucidardorW., Jan 15, 2007

The science in this game is unbelievably accurate. Every variable is taken into account as far as accuracy and all that good stuff. It would be better if you could move around, but then again in real world varmint hunting you stay pron in one spot. I have to say this game is not intended to be a first person shooter. It's intended to be a hunting simulation, and I think this game does just that very well. The graphics could be better, but for only ten bucks you can't expect something like Half Life 2. I kinda like that the graphics are low because you can run this game on a much older machine without 3D acceleration. And I think this game is a blast to play; but wouldn't recommend it to anyone who doesn't shoot real guns.

AB, Apr 27, 2005

NRA Varmint Hunter is bad to a spectacular degree. Shooting rats for no reason is bad enough, but Speedco decided to add horrible PSX quality graphics (without the detail) and an inability to actually move. It would be very appalling to know that anyone spent time and money on this. It would be better to let it continue to be the joke it is. It's equivalent to actually having to exterminate a rat. From your own home.

TheLastofMe, Jul 14, 2017

It is horrendous. You can't even move about and the graphics is like a PS2 game. I would rather use an exterminator to exterminate rats than play this game.