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Obduction Everyday life is gone. An organic artifact that fell from the sky inexplicably transports you across the universe. You're in a place called Hunrath, with pieces of earth scattered within an alien landscape. Nobody’s here - well... almost nobody. Explore, uncover, solve, decide. This is your story now.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 78 / 100
User rating
Downloads 2521
Genre Adventure, 3D, First-Person
Company / Developer
Cyan Worlds / Cyan Worlds
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Obduction reviews ( 7 )

FayEverdunes, Aug 24, 2016

OVERALL IMPRESSION I'm incredibly impressed by Obduction, Cyan has done it again! The game has the familiar myst-like feeling that brings me right back to my childhood when I first got to explore the Myst Island and I had no idea why I was there and what was going on, arriving in Hunrath has the exact same feeling. It also brought me back to taking my first steps in The Cleft and Minkata in Uru (even the footsteps sound suspiciously alike). Except this time things are alien, even eerier, even more beautiful, even more awe-inspiring, even more confusing. The game feels like a more matured version of the Myst games; you can tell that the developers have taken everything they learned from the previous games and with that experience (and perhaps the wisdom gained with age) have crafted a story that has a new kind of depth - where puzzles are not just intricate parts of the environment, as was the case in the Myst games, but that feel truly handcrafted with purpose by different civilizations, puzzles that takes it one step beyond the Myst games in how they merge with the setting. PERFORMANCE I have a GTX 660 graphics card, i7 2600k processor, 8gb ram, SSHD, and Windows 10 x64 which basically puts me at minimum spec with my graphics card and above recommended with processor. The game is pretty well optimized provided I play on low settings with the exception of textures that I put on medium. I experienced a few lag spikes and long loading screens here and there but nothing major or that I can't live with but it definitely seems the game is graphics intensive. That said, I get the feeling this game would still be playable with a graphics card one tier below mine but it's hard to say so don't take my word for it. The graphics aren't super amazing on low settings with some pixelation, especially with the shadows but it's still a fairly pretty game. If you really care about good graphics for your gaming experience I would suggest playing this game with the recommended or above specs, I believe at that level this game will be absolutely astonishing. PROS: * Myst-like * Fun unique mechanics * Beautiful graphics, textures, sounds etc. the ambience is just superb * Nostalgic moments and great easter eggs * A riveting and unsettling story that leaves you guessing throughout * Pretty well optimized for the most part but not perfect with minimum spec graphics card * Good mix of easy, medium, and mind-boggling hard puzzles that make you want to rage quit in a good way like good old Riven. A couple of things are pure evil and I think the devs had a little bit too much fun torturing us poor Hunrathians but at the same time it's kind of funny in hindsight. * Great to play as a family or with multiple people to help solve puzzles. While the rating says 10+ it's probably okay with adult supervision under that, but that's just my opinion. I think the Cyan games in general are great educational tools for problem solving, patience, and out of the box thinking. CONS: * Occasional lag spikes with minimum spec graphics card * Occasional long loading screens * a few minor glitches/bugs here and there but nothing major and most are hardly noticeable, a couple of small slightly irritating mechanics but again nothing gamebreaking. CONCLUSION Would I recommend this game? Absolutely. If you love puzzles, mystery, eerie atmospheres, casual exploration, and an immersive environment - you do NOT want to miss out on this game. If you are new to the genre this game will be a great example of a stellar casual adventure puzzle game. If you care a lot about graphics play on recommended or higher spec. Overall, very much worth every penny. 10/10

EleriTMLH, Aug 30, 2016

"Think, again." the trailer tells us, and that's exactly what this game calls on you to do. If exercising your grey matter on perplexing yet fundamentally logical, well thought out puzzles isn't your bag- then this game isn't for you. If you DO like exploring fantastical places, and solving conundrums that range from simple to complex to nailchewingly detailed, then Welcome to Hunrath. On top of being visually and musically stunning, Cyan has taken the unique in the gaming world step of providing a point & click movement option, not only for the Myst nostalgia factor, but to allow players with inner ear issues, vertigo and other motion-sickness causing issues to play the game. Given the sheer number of games released that are impossible to play for people with things like VIMS, Obduction is a breath of fresh air.

Mystdee, Aug 30, 2016

Cyan has done it again, Obduction is a beautiful environment to explore with challenging puzzles that fit right into the worlds and the story. Hours of enjoyment that will have you wanting more. . . . There are a few subtle surprises that will bring back Memories of Myst instantly and bring a smile to your face all without interfering with the Obduction experience! If you are a Myst fan you definitely want to play this one. You will not be disappointed.

zenful, Aug 25, 2016

Every moment I have played so far reminds me so much of the amazing sense of wonder and discovery I had when playing Myst and Riven. The graphics are amazingly beautiful and I was pulled in from the moment I started. Can't say enough good things about this gorgeous game!

Floydman, Aug 26, 2016

Obduction is the game I have been waiting years for! It is absolutely beautiful, even on my laptop, and the puzzles feel natural and are thought-provoking. I've only given it a 9/10 score because the story feels a little corny, but it definitely warms on you as you continue playing. There have been several moments during gameplay where I was totally blown away. I literally laughed out loud because I was so surprised! Give Obduction a try, and I know you'll be surprised, too.

Corstiaan, Aug 30, 2016

This game is the absolute new standard for puzzle games. I did play The Witness but seeing Obduction now, I have to say, The Witness is a (although well made) boring puzzle game with some nice graphics. Obduction adds everything The Witness needed. A well written story line, graphic details, clever level design. This game is just awesome. It's like taking a great crossword puzzle (the Witness) and having the best writers, illustrators and puzzle designers do a makeover (Obduction). They even managed to have it feel exactly as Myst or Riven (only in Unreal Engine 4). Not a score of 10 because they really had deadline stress and did not manage to fix loading and UI bugs properly. Can't wait to try this on the Occulus Rift, this will be nerd-gastic. Love to see that Cyan's back. Well done guys!

AuldWolf, Sep 20, 2016

Let me paint you a picture of why this is a bad game. One 'puzzle' in this game is remedial, it's essentially just an average board of Pipe-Mania, nothing special. This puzzle, if you had all the tools in front of you to solve it, would be completed in ten minutes. Instead, they purposefully obfuscated it and separated the controls by loading screens. They also separated how you could view the puzzle by more loading screens. On top of that, you're forced to take pointlessly long walks (for minutes at a time) and endure more loading screens just to reach more 'pieces' used to solve the same puzzle. Whereas a good puzzle game will give you everything you need in the same area, this is more like a point & click. Except that imagine you had to walk for a few minutes to go get multiple objects because your inventory could only hold one at a time, now imagine that this point & click adventure had loading screens that could last for up to ten minutes for every time you had to trek back. That's what it's like. So, instead of being able to solve this puzzle in ten minutes (because it really is a remedial puzzle), it'll take you hours of trekking along, going through loading screens, more loading screens, more trekking, more loading screens, more loading screens, more trekking, more loading screens, more trekking, and then it glitches out! Yes, this is a puzzle that's so bad it can glitch out and become unsolvable, and that's lead to some... fiery threads on the forums, that's for sure. You can actually end up in an infinite loop of loading screens and long walks. Essentially, they managed to create a first person Skinner box puzzle. It's going to addict people to it to solve it and see what's past it. It's almost Candy Crush Saga but in first person. It's truly remarkable, but also horrifying. If you like grinding, feel free. And the game, in general, is just broken, uninspired, and has many more Skinner box elements to trick the weak minded. I'm not weak minded, so I just let it rest. I have better games to play. I don't appreciate Skinner boxes.