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Obliteracers Same-screen party racing for up to 16 players. Race brutal-cute aliens on exotic planets, using weapon powerups and physics-based vehicles to annihilate your competition in frantic round-based combat. Connect spare gamepads, laptops and smart devices as extra controllers.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 80 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1379
Genre Racing, Arcade, Futuristic
Company / Developer
Space Dust Studios , Varkian Empire / Space Dust Studios, Varkian Empire
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Obliteracers reviews ( 3 )

ThatGuy-007, Feb 25, 2016

I usually don't buy or play racing games, so I want everyone to understand exactly where I'm coming from when I write this review. Obliteracers is great, hell, it's freaking fabulous. I've been looking for a party game that I could play with my friends or with people online for a while now, and after playing this, I know I've found it. 16 player, drop-in drop-out multiplayer, scream at the monitor hilarious mayhem. I love that smartphones can be used as controllers (more games need this, get on this other developers, license this tech for your games!) and it only takes an hour or two of practise to get a handle on it, (I recommend going 1-1 with a beginner bot on an Endurance style game using the "relative" controller layout until you get used to it). The music suits the game perfectly, it's fun and upbeat, like the game. The community I played with on launch day were great, applauding rivals wins and laughing at the chaotic carnage (but please if you are playing with a mic, use headphones to cut out the feedback, we thank you). ;) And the game modifiers, wow, so many options. Try the combination of, no pickups, drift gift, pinball, ice skating and the floor is lava on Survival, most insane fun I've had in ages. If you are looking for a party, or a kart style game, you should get this one, I highly doubt anyone would regret dropping the asking price (less than $20 aussie dollars) on this excellent game. This will be the game I gift to friends for their birthdays this year (if you are my friend, forget you just read that). Would (and will) obliterate cute alien racers again. 10/10

dcaruzo, May 30, 2016

A very fun combat game thats best played with your friends. Its not really a racing game like Mario but more like Speed Runners on wheels... you have to outrun other players or blow them up to win a round. There's lots of ways to keep the game interesting too with modifiers and different game modes, so you never get bored. The career mode is more of a practice run for the multiplayer which is where it really shines. This is my new favorite party game for when friends come over, highly recommended! I've never seen a game support 16 local players before and this is a really clever part of the game, you can use smartphones as controllers! The touchscreen controls take some getting used to but its brilliant when you don't have enough controllers - bravo to the developers for trying something new and pulling it off. The weapons are really easy to learn and have plenty of autoaim so you can throw new players into a match and they pick it up quite quickly. Its fun learning all the things you can do with the karts too, you can stomp other players, drive backwards, drift to get turbo boosts, and lots of fun surprises happen with the kart physics, it feels really good to control. The graphics are really high quality, very cute and lots of cool explosions and effects for the powerups. Definitely check this one out if you're looking for a fun competitive party game to play with your friends.

fdruid, Feb 28, 2016

Amazingly fun multiplayer competitive action. A great party game, as everyone can play even with their smartphone. That alone is an interesting feature which I have to admit that drew me to this game before its release. 16 player support is a great idea, especially in the same screen, and that new control option is a very interesting alternative. (I haven't been able to make it work with my phone but the developers are receptive to comments). But as a classic game, it's a lot of fun, it creates very interesting revenge dynamics, and unlike more "race" based games of this type, it's not about being ahead of the pack because it puts you in disadvantage. It's simple enough that anyone could play it and enjoy it, as it's chaotic, but you can master some strategies and get good at it, to better humiliate your friends. A must for local gaming, a new classic has risen.