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Offworld Trading Company Offworld Trading Company is a new direction for real-time strategy, where money is both your deadliest weapon and toughest defense. After the Earth is tapped out and the asteroids claimed by faceless megacorporations, the stark Martian surface is the final frontier on which dreamers and entrepreneurs can make something of themselves by staking their claim to the red planet’s abundant resources and building an economic engine capable of out-producing the competition.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 80 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1237
Genre Strategy, Real-Time, Management, General, Business / Tycoon
Company / Developer
Stardock , Mohawk Games / Mohawk Games

Offworld Trading Company reviews ( 7 )

PParker, Apr 29, 2016

Offworld Trading Company game is unlike anything else out there. Its a building, strategy, competition game with a lot of depth, quick decision making, maneuvering involved and has lots of replay ability. I've been playing since early access and its come together very nicely with the polish added at the end. Great game, highly recommend.

feralprowler, May 2, 2016

A very interesting economy-based strategy game. It takes a unique approach to the genre, with combat options non existant which allows you to focus entirely on base-building and economic growth. Multiple difficulties and daily challenges as well as a tiered multiplayer system allows plenty of continual growth.

pezzant, Aug 26, 2016

A fantastic multiplayer strategy game, where wits not twitches are rewarded. I think it's best played against humans, and I've sunk nearly 200 hours into it so far and anticipate many more hours. I think people with a background in strategy board games are really going to love this one. I haven't enjoyed a game this much since Colonization and MOO2 back in the days of Windows 95!

Koblihozrout, May 31, 2016

It's a tycoonish RTS, you can pause anytime, so don't worry about your lack actions per minute micro¯o skills, you don't need those. The game is hard to describe. It has symmetrical (everyone starts at the same time, with same resources) matches which last for an hour or two. Players and AI's compete for resources, patents and markets. Learning the game is simple, mastering very difficult. I lost my first 10 games to AI on normal difficulty. It has truly wonderful AI, the game design of prices markets of course makes it easier for AI to make efficient decisions. But i can't stress it enough AI is really really good, and it's an accomplishment in itself in today gaming industry, well done devs ! The core mechanics of the game are quite trivial (acquire cheap, sell high) but nevertheless the mix works, and it's even little bit addictive. Replay-ability is not endless, it's basically an indie title, so you don't get that much of content, but what you get is really cleverly designed (even campaigns are randomly generated matches that last 7 turns (7 different consecutive maps) and you can get and keep some advantages from previous missions so you develop and specialize your company for a campaign. Graphics are OK, game runs smoothly, didn't encounter ANY bugs, or disbalances. Game does well what it sets to accomplish. It's quite an original innovative game concept. A job well done.

Saikron, Jun 20, 2016

I bought this early and had a ton of fun before development was completed, but I was a little disappointed to see that not much else was added since early access.

Braggi, May 19, 2016

Just when you think you've seen them all, here comes a fresh new idea! After playing the tutorial you get the impression this is base building with a trading twist - far off the mark! Players found coporations on Mars - chosing a location, trying to make a fortune supplying the central colony, and buy out the competition. These corporations produce and consume 13 resources; a handful tutorials explain the basics. There are 4 different corporation types with specific advantages and resource needs. Robots are a solid, simple start for new players. Nearby material deposits, hopefully rich (or surface ice) determine the quality of a founding location. A Black Market is offering different rogue services each game. Recurring auctions have a set of unique offers. Five advanced buildings branch into mid- and endgame, and last there are company stock to trade... Central shortage are land claims, to build production sites on. Fastest road to get more claims is upgrade headquarters, up to level 5. (Lower difficulty also adds claims, and some funds.) Sometimes only a few resource and building claims are auctioned, in some matches there's a glut of free claims by Black Market and auctions. Initial demand stems from corporation upgrade needs and existing types of colony buildings. If there's e.g. 50% robots, there will be price pressure on electronics and energy, while life support is less in demand. Adjacent factories of a type get a huge production bonus, so it makes sense to start with one or two products and buy the rest, especially processed goods at first. Basic factories are free or cheap, while advanced production sites may cost dearly. Around level 3 mid game starts. Players select promising goods to maximise cash flow, and keep growing. Cash is needed for covert actions and production materials. Auctions, lifesupport, energy and fuel can be bought on credit, preserving cash keeps a company operational. Attack opponents to damage them and boost your earnings; try to take them over (especially in 1:1) or just keep growing and secure your shares. Players constantly watch prices and competitors actions, markets they are about to enter or leave. Even if it's expensive, production plants are constantly rebuilt to adjust. Black market offers different sets of actions each game; from spying, attacks on competition to defence and boosts. Like the random maps, composition differs each game and makes for very different courses of game play. There's an option to switch off direct attacks for the more peaceful when creating matches. Which is good, because some setups can simply destroy a weaker player. If the match reaches late game, advanced buildings gain importance: from affordable Hacker Arrays to manipulate prices, exclusive tech, production optimisation or selling on Offworld Markets for huge profits. The ultimate target is to buy out competitors. Earn more faster, and don't drown in debt that will destroy your share prices. A match takes 10-20 minutes 1:1 to around 30 min for 4 players. Playing single, time can be slowed down or even stopped at will, leaving enough time for contemplation and decisions. Besides a few tutorial scenarios and the skirmishes is also a campaign mode, working slightly different and linking 7 matches. Optional matches end after a fixed time to prevent tedious buyout battles. Difficulty is per player, determining upgrade cost, debt thresholds and starting money. So it can be used to even skill levels in MP matches. The UI is very polished, allowing control over fluid, rapidly changing situations. Market price system and its representation is especially impressive; you see price trends, actual price and spikes. Corporations and events can be reached by a click; an auction halts game progression. Even when the game is stopped, players can still give orders. Founding has special mechanics, rewarding the lagging founders with less debt, more claims or earlier access to BM in exchange for the "less desirable" spot. Still founding is one of the most complex decisions of the game, not only deciding where to found, but also which type of corporation. It overwhelms a beginner and can ruin his complete match from start. Plus: very cool, innovative mechanics clever, functional UI good looking graphics short crisp gameplay Minus Steep learning curve, especially game start New concepts not intuitive (but official videos, e.g. youtube: Zultar) Some balance issues with BM One mistake can decisively lose a game random generation of matches and campaigns sometimes feels arbitrary

gordonbays, Jan 8, 2017

Its a solid game, remember me about Sierras' Outpost. The game works pretty well, solid FPS and no crashes but i feel that with the same money you could buy way better strategy games like Crusader Kings 2 and Civilization VI. This game can hardly deliver about 50 hours of fun because after you finish the first match you already seem all. If you can grab this game for $15,00 bucks or less its ok, anything that costs more than $15 you are wasting your money.