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Oknytt Oknytt is a point-and-click adventure game where the player takes the role of a small, seemingly insignificant creature, leading it through a dark world filled with beings and areas inspired by Swedish folklore, to help it find a place to belong.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 63 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1361
Genre Adventure, Third-Person, Point-and-Click, Fantasy
Company / Developer
Nemoria Entertainment / Nemoria Entertainment

Oknytt reviews ( 6 )

xekcedom, Mar 8, 2015

It's amazing, like a 2D game can be transmitted without being a AAA game so much. The art is great, the atmosphere is fantastic and the staging of the whole is a work of art. The game manages to convey an air of mystery and mythology that is simply exquisite. I recommend playing at night for a better experience. I hope to see more work of this small company that has achieved something so good.

olivier2046, Jan 26, 2014

A true work of art. Backgrounds and characters are beautifully hand painted. The art style is very unique: it's dark without being depressing. A deep sense of myth and mystery floats in every screen of the game. Every tiny light seems so bright and comforting! Wandering in the never-ending night, the player meets various creatures from the Swedish folklore. They can be funny, touching, reassuring or frightening. Their voices are all acted by one man: Brian Hall who offers a strong and beautiful performance. Playing Oknytt is an unparalleled & engrossing travel to an unknown world.

flyingtart, Apr 21, 2014

Great and atmospheric game with a hint of creepy and good humour, this fairytale will not disappoint you, despite the eventual annoyance of getting stuck on a certain puzzle for missing a small detail or two. The artwork and story is excellent and captivating.

Growly, Nov 24, 2013

While this is not the best adventure game. Oknytt is a very good one. The Nordic folklore creates a very unique atmosphere in the game. The puzzles aren't too complicated and sometimes even too easy, but in general the game play is quite solid and the story is interesting to follow.

StaticSpine, Jun 28, 2014

A very atmospheric adventure game in an interesting setting with a touching story, nice soundtrack and gloomy art style. Based on Swedish mythology and folklore this mysterious game will likely catch you if you like interesting adventure or just unusual games.

Voyou, Jan 14, 2018

A point n' click adventure, Oknytt uses narrative patterns that fit its low budget and end up working really nicely, notably its dual storyteller/creature descriptions. Those are rather slow paced and verbose, yet I never found them either too slow or too verbose. The game might be unimpressive at first glance, but ends up being a lovely piece of craft, with a good story, good visuals, and very good sounds. The gameplay is the very classic definition of the genre, and the game is memorable essentially for its style. A very good game, not achieving greatness mainly for its lack of animations and because of some pesky pixel hunting now and then.