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Omerta: City of Gangsters OMERTA - CITY OF GANGSTERS is a simulation game with tactical turn-based combat. Taking the role of a fresh-from-the-boat immigrant, with dreams of the big life, the player will work his way up the criminal hierarchy of 1920's Atlantic City. Starting with small jobs, his character recruits a gang and expands his empire by taking territory from other gangsters. Eventually he establishes his own crime syndicate and becomes the de facto ruler of Atlantic City.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 56 / 100
User rating
Downloads 2652
Genre Simulation, General, Strategy
Company / Developer
Kalypso / Kalypso

Omerta: City of Gangsters reviews ( 7 )

Arcana_xviii, Jun 27, 2013

To be fair, writing this review on 27 June 2013, many months after the game's original release and after having very recently purchased the super-patched version with all the DLCs, I cannot agree or disagree with the reviews of the originally-released version, which seemed flawed and incomplete. Consequently, my score of 10 corresponds to the version I have recently bought (and the only one I have played), which was enhanced by the major end-of-May patch. I only played the first mission of the Campaign, which is a first of many tutorial missions. After that, I experimented with various sandbox-mode setups. I'm not an action-game tactical fighter. Consequently, I do not mind if the A.I. adversaries are too easy to defeat in the turn-based combat encounters. Those do not happen often, and I find them fun, even though they do not constitute difficult challenges. I'm not a financial wizard, either. Consequently, I do not mind if the game's economic simulation of a criminal enterprise lacks "realism" and deep challenge. There is just enough pseudo-realism and economic interactions to represent a decent simulation challenge. What I am is a RPG player. I enjoy to design PCs (human-controlled Player Characters) and to play-act them according to their positive and negative limitations. In the sandbox mode, the game shines if it is played with such a RPG-style mindset. If you play it with a strategic and/or tactical "wargame" mindset, you will feel underwhelmed. Playing in a huge window, on my 1920x1200-resolution desktop, with 8x AA, after having tinkered with my video "Catalyst Control" settings, the game looks great crisp and clean. I'm having a lot of fun. I will certainly pay full-price if more DLCs or expansions are offered.

Heavymetal4life, Jan 31, 2013

I enjoy the game, It has sandbox so you can have your own freestyle play in several areas of atlanta city. I am sure there will be expac DLC stuff to maybe get other towns or more stuff to do. The camagne starts off basically you come to america as a european trying to live the american dream. You slowly build up a crew an then finally take on some of the crime syndicates to eventually create your own. I am enjoying the game but there are so lack luster areas. The combat is not like I was truely expecting its more so sim style then true RTS turn base. Cause you can simple auto play battle like if you were playing a game like King Arthur the role playing wargame but with alot less options...heh. characters can have different guns/weapons they use or specialize in an the RPG element is okay. I have to say overall the game should of been released at a price point of 29.99 not 39.99 but least i got 15% off via steam prepurchase.

ChoicestGames, Jul 25, 2013

Omerta: City of Gangsters's gameplay can become somewhat repetitive and the sandbox and multiplayer options on offer will only entice a limited number of replays. However, this unpretentious mafia strategy game has an entertaining (yet somewhat predictable) story with a great 20s era soundtrack to boot. I thoroughly enjoyed the single-player campaign and if you enjoyed the campaigns in Tropico 3 and 4, set your sights on Omerta: City of Gangsters.

Waclaw, Feb 15, 2013

I approached this game with a lot of curiosity yet at the same time remembered many games that were expected to be great yet somehow turned out to be bad. Well, this game falls to the latter category it's bad. The first thing that struck me is that the combat which was introduced as an important element is just a bunch of scripted events, where enemies are randomly dumped onto the area and the same fight can go completely different if you just restart it. The combat mechanics? Mixed feelings here you have options to use covers but those seem to have little to none impact on the fight. Also, the percentage of hit chance is a failure it makes you happy to hit 3 times in a row at 10% but when you miss 3 times at 95%, then something just feels wrong. Best avoid combat whenever you have the option to do so, as it's not a good experience. The economic part is just too damn easy, and that's all there is to say about that. Sure, the system with taking over buildings and redoing them to your needs is nice, but there is no challenge to it as everything is scripted and any combat where you might loose something happens once-twice in a mission. So unless you waste your starting money on stuff that doesn't generate income, you've basically won. All in all, this game is not terrible like some people here write about it. It's "just" bad a bunch of nice ideas were executed in a poor way, the game feels like it was made for a tablet of sorts, and the difficulty level is just a laugh. If you can get it for 10 euro, go for it as it has some nice parts that can keep you playing for a while anything higher than that is too much and you'll waste money.

Corwin86, Dec 5, 2013

The score is particularly low because I bought it through pre-sale and this game is THE reason why I do not buy anything before release... What to say? A great concept, transformed into a bland execution, overall trite, with a dull plot and with the game mechanics outdated and not very intriguing. A failure... sorry to say that Kalypso usually gives to client a 50-50 chances: very good or very bad. Tropico is good? This is bad. As was some others titles from their library... The funny thing is that their games usually seems ALL interesting, before release, and then some get out bugged, half-finished or executed in an almost amateurish way... This is that last case.

Izitmee, May 24, 2013

In short words: very bad interface design, repetitive gameplay, horrible combat system. This game has no depth at all, and looks very unprofessional in all its aspects. It would deserve a 4 if it was marketed as a small cheap game, but given its AAA price, a 2 is well deserved.

lordpeste, Jul 30, 2013

It's the worst game in some years, the problem are in the play method by turns because this method is very boring, the game is similar to Chicago 1930 but with a stupid and annoying method by turns DON'T BUY THE GAME and DON'T LOSE YOUR MONEY.