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OmniBus OmniBus is next-to-last gen physics game about the most powerful bus in the universe that can’t stop or even slow down for reasons incomprehensible to the simple human mind.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 57 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1322
Genre Action, Simulation, General, Vehicle, Civilian
Company / Developer
Devolver Digital / Buddy Cops, LLC
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OmniBus reviews ( 2 )

cuninjam, Dec 3, 2016

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plotlesviolence, Nov 5, 2016

OVERVIEW - A car-platforming game. PRESENTATION (6/10) Graphics (6/10)- Bright and colorful, but with low-resolution textures and extremely-low polygons, boxy rectangular models. Basically it looks like a PS1 or N64 -era game. Physics (8/10) - Almost every object bounces with real physics when you collide into it, and every building collapses. Most levels even have a few oversized bowling pins just to look cooler when you crash into them. Despite the simplistic polygons, the interactivity makes the world feel much more alive than the backgrounds of Call of Duty, which look great in screenshots but feel static in motion. Audio (6/10) Plot (7/10) - Plot is limited to one short text box just before each level just to tell you what that level's objective is. It's not even internally consistent; one level you're doing the mission for the police, the next level for the mafia. But it's totally unobtrusive. MECHANICS (8/10) Controls (8/10) - Controls are l consist almost entirely of the analog stick (or WASD on keyboard) to turn or tilt the bus. The bus accelerates automatically, becoming progressively harder to control, and your job is mainly to avoid (or conversely, target) obstacles--like pinball-style bumper paddles, speed-up strips, and/or jump pads--to navigate the stage and complete the objective. The faster you're going, the harder it is to right yourself when spinning in midair, and the more likely you are to spin out. The level is over if you drive out of bounds, get knocked onto your side such that you can't re-right the bus, or otherwise fail the objective. Occasionally you will be driving a special bus with an ability controlled by the "A"button (jumping, gravitationally moving you down wherever the bus's underside is pointing, or an exploding bus that stops you in midair). The most appropriate comparisons for the game mechanics would be Nitronic Russh (also a Devolver Digital game) but without the jet controls, or maybe the Riddler's Batmobile Courses from Arkham Knight, both of which I enjoyed. Physics(7/10) - The bus drives pretty well, but the physics can get wonky at times, like if you drive along the floor just slightly angled into it it will launch you in midair. But all of the objects bounce with real physics. Friendly AI - None Enemy AI - None DESIGN (8/10) Level Design (9/10) - The great strength of the game is that every level has a slightly different objective, keeping the game constantly engaging. In one level you might have to navigate a series of jump pads and tilting bridges, in another you must intentionally dump physics objects you are carrying by hitting a jump pad and rolling 180 degrees over the target before late-righting yourself for landing; Use the exploding bus to launch balls into hoops; Score enough flipping combination points in a tony-hawk style level, etc., etc. There are even levels styled as boss battles. Menus (6/10) - It's a linear sequence of levels, but the organization is a little confusing so you have to watch the numbers to see which level is next. Difficulty Curve (4/10) - There's not much of a curve in the traditional sense; difficulty is random. Basically every level can be competed in 30 seconds to 2 minutes, but every time you die you can instantly restart by pressing the "B" button. My biggest gripe is the final level, which strings together 4 levels in a row and forces you to start from the very beginning if you fail anywhere; my successful run of it was only 5 minutes but it took about an hour to beat. Otherwise the game was fine. Game Modes - a 5-hour singleplayer campaign, a few Tony-Hawk style point-scoring levels, and a local "battle mode" where 4 players crash into each other and vie to be the last bus standing. CONCLUSION Despite the 90's era graphics and simplistic control setup, this game packs alot of variety, could be played in short bursts if you were pressed for time, and I really enjoyed it.