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OneShot OneShot is a surreal top down Puzzle/Adventure game with unique gameplay capabilities. You are to guide a child through a mysterious world on a mission to restore its long-dead sun. The world knows you exist.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 83 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1850
Genre Puzzle, Action
Company / Developer
Degica , Team Oneshot / Team Oneshot
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OneShot reviews ( 7 )

Dobypeti, Apr 26, 2017

I can confidently say that OneShot became one of my favourite videogames. Nay, this is not just a game, it's an "experience"! Games such as Undertale, To The Moon and now OneShot too made me love indie games more than ever before. There are indie games that can accomplish more than "AAA title games made by highly paid developers"! I have only two problems with this game: - It's short... - You don't get to know the characters "deeper". As Himeji said: "(...) the characters aren't very deeply developed, aside from Niko, the protagonist alongside the player. Their interactions start to become interesting, but are very brief, and you'll never see those NPCs again, making their short development almost pointless."

SaucyLettuce, Mar 25, 2017

OneShot is an RPG maker game, but it stands above the rest. With beautiful atmospheric music and little sounds when you do anything that really get you immersed in the world. It makes you care. This game is like if Pixar made a game - it tugs you right in the heartstrings. While the game does have a few bugs, they don't detract from the game or prevent it from going on. Just don't expect to get the One Shot steam achievement. After I played the game through the first time, I thought "oh boy was that a feels train" Definitely worth the $10

Megaxclaw, Apr 27, 2017

This game is downright amazing. I didn't think much of it at first (like most indie games with little-to-no promotion), but the more I played it the more I fell in love with it. In my opinion (my OPINION, keep that in mind), here's what makes it so great: - It has the very uncommon trait of causing you to feel for the character(s). When they're sad, you're sad. When they're happy, you're happy. This helps so much in creating a bond between you and the main character. - It has some of the coolest puzzle solving aspects (like making you solve puzzles with hints that it practically throws onto your desktop wallpaper or documents folder), while still maintaining a simplistic style of gameplay. - The fact that the 4th wall is completely demolished is almost as amazing as both the way they put YOU in the game, and that it makes perfect sense how you're involved. - The story seems pretty generic and cliche at first, but then slowly evolves into something much more amazing. Then, it somehow tops that as well. - Practically half of what makes this game amazing, is it's wonderful retro/indie soundtrack. Every piece of this original soundtrack perfectly fits the environment or situation that you are in, and makes it memorable enough that I can easily remember the area I was in JUST from hearing the music alone. - The little details that it adds each time you play it, make this game so amazing. This game broke the 4th wall, broke my heart, and best of all broke my expectations. Without a single doubt in my mind, I give this a 10/10.

ConsoleArgonaut, Dec 25, 2017

OneShot is a RPG Maker like game with a cute art style and an interesting premise. You only have OneShot at completing the game, if you loose, well then it was your fault and the game won't boot up again. I was really fascinated by that idea, but it turns out there's nothing much behind it. At the end of the game you get to choose between 2 decisions and afterwards you can't boot up the game again. That's it. Now besides that I really liked the game. It occasionally breaks the fourth wall and has some neat puzzles. If you're a fan of RPG Maker Puzzle games, then try this one out. Rating: Gameplay: 5/5 - One of the most pleasant RPG Maker like games to play Level Design: 4/5 - Great world building Soundtrack: 4/5 - Mostly atmospheric but fitting to the environment Story: 3/5 - Cute little story, but could have used some more development Graphics: 4/5 - Nice fitting art style Length: 5/5 - Just right for this kind of game Replay Value: 0/5 - None, because you can't restart the game Enjoyment: 4/5 - A great experience Overall rating: 30/40 => 7.5/10 => 8/10

caledo1801, Mar 28, 2017

Very good game, the way you get attached to the protagonist, the 4th wall breaks and the interaction makes you have so much love for it and have such a good time that you actually feel sad when it all ends. The fact that the game doesn't have battle mechanics don't make this game worse, it's still a very good game. The main story is a very good experience, the emotional ending was really good until the bonus chapter was added. This was the only part that the game lost some points here, the new true ending is actually good, but it's a little bit cliche, and the fact that you don't have to make a hard choice kinda takes out some of the emotion. But still, very recommended game...

Aspenonfire, Jan 20, 2017

"It might be different if resetting the game was a bit easier, but searching through my computer's registry files to not have the game immediately and deliberately shut down on me as soon as I start it is just plain annoying." My dude all you gotta do is go to My Documents/My Games/Oneshot and delete the file that says "oneshot save data" LMAO not that hard. The game spells that **** out for ya near the end and you still **** it up sorry bro but you're the problem there. Gud game btw. Doesn't have much in the way of character development outside Niko but the world feels cohesive, the lore is rich, and it has you doing stuff that makes you question whether you're doing the right thing. The music is understated but pretty and compliments the atmosphere of the game. However, the gameplay (excluding the fourth wall breaking puzzles which are really creative and cool actually) is simple almost to a fault and feels like a bunch of fetch quests. Overall, just a modest and pretty title from an indie dev that will pull on your heartstrings. Buy it!

PointR, Apr 10, 2017

This game gave me exactly what I was expecting: an excellent story coupled to a weak and classic gameplay, exactly like Undertale, featuring outdated controls concerning movements. Tile-by-tile with no diagonals is very annoying. Even the character is annoying, constantly asking you to help him for insignificant things such as sleeping. He's not a five years old crybaby! Let's not forget that it's "recommended to play in windowed", but a resolution of 800x600 is too small to be actually playable. This and the fact it takes your session's name, write files in your documents and not in its own folders, and change your wallpaper(s) without your consent. What next? A game that deletes random files if you're not completing it fast enough? The music, though it's nice, is basic and repetitive. I could name every samples and effects present in it. Pros: -Story. -Graphics. -Fourth-wall breaking puzzles. -Ending Cons: -Two characters (The Guide a.k.a You + Niko which you only guide for certain actions.) -Basic gameplay if you remove these special puzzles. -Lack of instructions at the very begining (The first item use is... Retarded.) -Pause mode does not exist. -Going back to windowed mode all the time... you have to deal with a tiny resolution (Must be a pain in the a** with 4K monitors.) If you're looking for a great story, a nice fourth-wall breaking experience, an epic final puzzle, and a very tough final choice: go for it. But this game is like Undertale: a great story with a poor gameplay. I wouldn't recommend this game which is not worth its current price tag of 10€. Maybe if it was sold 5€ I would recommend it (And it's sad to say that.)