Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis Crack/Patch

Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis Players assume the role of a U.S. NATO private on a training mission in a fictional 1985 Cold War storyline, where a new Soviet regime seizes control of an island community, and underground resistance groups have mobilized in opposition. The new Soviet government, unable to fight the resistance, calls upon NATO to act as a peacekeeping force and help restore order to the region. NATO responds with Operation Flashpoint. [Codemasters]

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 87 / 100
User rating
Downloads 2156
Genre Action, Shooter, First-Person, Tactical, Modern
Players 1-16
Company / Developer
Codemasters / Bohemia Interactive

Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis reviews ( 5 )

b1z2a3, Sep 6, 2011

A thinking game. Not just a run and gun FPS. If you have a good knowledge of military tactics but not world class reflexes, than this could be the game for you. You not only have to stay alive throughout missions but keep an eye out for your squad members and be the leader they need. This game is extremely unique in the fact that it masters single player campaign, masters expansion packs, and masters a co-op that in combination with player inspired custom missions (made by the players as well as the developers) will be like nothing you have ever experienced in a game before.

Zetetick, Feb 13, 2012

I know that METACRITIC is strewn with user reviews giving any old mediocrity 10 out of 10 (often tactically deployed to balance out the also utterly unjust Zeros.)Well, this game is worth 12 out of 10 and is (IMO) the very best FPS/Military Shooter you can get!!Completely open World that lets you approach objectives as you see fit - wonderful 1st/3rd person gunplay - HUNDREDS of vehicles (inc user made MODS) from pedal-bikes to F16 Jetfighters, from inflatable dinghies to Nuclear Submarines and aircraft carriers, tanks to beach buggies...A million user made missions (running the whole spectrum from utter bilge to utter genius),great epic multiplayer faceoffs between dozens...But best of all to me is the community of modders and mission makers (there's an in-game mission editor in which you can create whole campaign stories and even Direct your own cut-scene movies!!There are MANY total conversion mods for it including ones that recreate the american civil war / a Napoleonic mod / modern combat / cold war era / someone's even turned it into a SPACE COMBAT game!! (it's actually pretty easy to make your own stuff on even if you're not a code-ninja, and LOADS of great tutorials by the community) so much to discover!!Do yourself a favour and check this game out (give it a chance-you won't regret it!!!)TEN OUT OF TEN - MY FAVOURITE GAME OF ALL TIME :)

LawrenceC, Nov 19, 2008

Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis is a very immersive game it makes you feel like your part of a war, this game succeeds in doing that. Whereas, it's successor ArmA fails miserably in. I recommend this to players looking for something realistic, doesn't mind the old looking graphics, not afraid of dying a lot, AI problems, and the commanding interface. After all the USMC uses a simulator based on the engine used for this game.

Belvadeer, Jul 8, 2011

Operation Flashpoint was a stunner when it was released, but for anyone who hasn't played it and wants to get into now, this review is for you. Firstly, the graphics aren't exactly what they used to be back in 2001, so get ready for a whopping change if your coming from modern shooters, secondly, if your a hardcore COD and Halo shooter fan, you will probably hate this game for one simply reason...one shot, one kill; this game will eat you alive, this is the most realistic tactical shooter ever made, so if your into running and gunning, leave now. And last but not least, be patient, this game is HARD, and takes many tries to complete missions at times, but at the end of it all, this is a fun game if you really sink your teeth into it, even in 2011, this game still never fails to impress me. I highly recommend it to any tactical shooter fan, or just a shooter fan in general because you just may fall in love with it.

iddqd4, Jan 22, 2018

Попытка сделать реалистичный военный шутер с большими открытыми пространствами, с возможностью использовать технику и авиацию. Получилось крайне сложно и хардкорно, и не особо играбельно. Прародитель целой череды милитари симуляторов.