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Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising Taking gamers as close to war as they'll ever want to get, Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising is the much anticipated return of the genre-defining military conflict simulator. Set to deliver the total combat experience, Flashpoint: Dragon Rising challenges players to survive the chaos and rapidly evolving situations of modern warfare in a new contemporary theatre. Players experience the intensity, diversity and claustrophobia of a modern conflict from the unique perspectives of an infantry marine, a helicopter pilot, a Special Forces officer or a tank commander, each engaged against the full force of the Chinese PLA on a scale never previously experienced in a military action title. Gameplay simulates an immense conflict between advanced forces and provides unparalleled scope with different military disciplines, vehicles and equipment for players to utilize. [Codemasters]

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 78 / 100
User rating
Downloads 5567
Genre Action, Shooter, First-Person, Tactical, Modern
Company / Developer
Codemasters / Codemasters

Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising reviews ( 7 )

PhilipD, Oct 20, 2009

Leave the game along. It's not like ARMA, and I find it refreshing. I love the OFP / ARMA series, but 3 games, all with the same bugs and problems, quickly becomes boring. This game, on the other hand, doesn't seme to have the same problems. In fact, I prefer it. The graphics run smoothly on my PC in the way that OFP, ARMA and ARMA 2 never did. They felt delayed, even if at a constant 60 fps. The aiming is easier on this game, the controls are more responsive and the levels are, frankly, more fun. I don't know why Mr xbox review is rating this in the PC section, or comparing it to Arma 2 which is still buggy, despite being released for MUCH longer than this game. I agree about the vehicles. They bounce a lot. Personally I still prefer them to Arma 2's fake rollercoaster ride. COD is a plague on the community. Stop comparing games like OFP to COD. They're not the same. ARMA and OFP aim for realism, and the only reason that this game is easier than ARMA is because playing tactically on this game allows you to complete a mission. With Arma it's pretty much chance. Also, it's easier to aim in this game, it feels as if it's programmed for a mouse instead of ARMA, which seems to think it's reading desktop mouse movements and trying to convert it into a FPS viewing engine. Give this game a chance, people, and I guarantee you you'll find it rewarding and fun. Think of it as a smaller, polished version of ARMA2, with faster (if lower) graphics (though it's more artistically balanced, compared to Arma's polygon frenzy). It's a decent game and is actually an alternative to the Arma series. it isn't a clone and in all honesty I think that this is the better game. As for realism... well, who cares. I only want realism so that I can annoy the hardcore veterans on multiplayer, and I think I'll still be able to with this game. Good game!

ThomasLittler, Oct 12, 2009

This game is absoulutly awsome. I have been waiting for this game ever since i finished the first one and its everything I was hoping for. The graphics and audio are second to none. It runs so smoothly and fluidly that it leaves you only one thing to think about - staying alive, rather than how much your gonna have to spend on a new PC to play it. Which is good, as staying alive isnt as easy as it sounds. The a.i is very convincing and it feels more like your actualy fighting people rather than fighting robots which is how Arma seems to me. I see a lot of people are saying that it has fallen victim to consolitis and that it shouldnt have been dumbed down for the consoles, and a lot of people are saying the opposite and that its to realistic and not enough fun... I feel that codemasters have made an excelent compromise here between realism and fun, and the fact I can play it on my 360 and my PC i can only see as a bonus! This game is utterly fantastic! It brings back all the good memory's and aspects that made the original game so undeniably awesome.

SilentHightimes, Sep 12, 2014

A Great tactical game normal can be challenging at times hard is pretty awesome. i'm a fan of bullet drop and trajectories and this game makes you use you're units wisely though normal you don't half to as much but they still can save your ass. Graphics are good and the game feels great, actually takes time to switch out guns and doesn't feel extremely awful like arma 2 . Worth $12

JakubB, Nov 12, 2009

That game is shitty, it has nothing with previous OF, this is buggy, with no character game. I know OF as a realistic game but OF:DR is som kinda joke! This is heavy, boring shit! BLEEE!!!!

EvanS, Nov 9, 2009

This is not a flashpoint 2, it's an arcade game, please dont buy it. I bought this game passed it in couple hours and deleted it, so just save your money for something else out ther, just get arma 2 or smth much better!

NevNav, May 30, 2013

Riding on the glory of original operation flashpoint gameplay was horrible Campaing was horrible multiplayer was horrible and bugged to hell when released This was a disgrace to the name of operation flashpoint only later i found out that real operation flashpoint makers had made series called ARMA and that was the real simulation follow up for opf . TLDR: Codemasters tookd the operation flashpoint name and disgraced it hard game sucks hard and anyone looking for real simulation game should buy Arma 2 and soon Arma 3

Dr.Pulp, Oct 13, 2009

This game looks awful and has nothing to do with Operation Flashpoint. It doesn't even come close to a simulation. The GFX look bad! The textures are all blurry and all colours are green-brown / brown. It doens't support Joysticks.