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Operation Flashpoint: Red River Taking a small step into the future, Red River depicts a fictional conflict with contemporary geopolitical themes, which will unfold over three distinct acts in both single player and drop-in-drop-out co-operative play for up to four players online. Faced with new counter-insurgency combat and the returning threat of the Chinese PLA, players will feel the tension, brutality and carnage of modern conflict from the perspective of a marine fireteam on deployment in a hostile country, thousands of miles from home.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 69 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1633
Genre Action, Shooter, First-Person, Modern, Arcade
Players 4 Online
Company / Developer
Codemasters / Codemasters

Operation Flashpoint: Red River reviews ( 7 )

StigHunter, Jun 15, 2011

I specifically signed up on metacritic just to submit this review. Red River is a significant improvement over Dragon Rising. I even reinstalled DR just to be sure. I DO miss the editor, but even that was not great in DR compared to ARMA 2. The movement and control of your people is much more accurate and just feels better then in DR where I feel like I'm walking around in mud. The re-playability is terrific and makes you want to try the different soldier classes just to be able to unlock more weapon options. The tracer ricochet effects are well done as are the echo effects of the guns firing. There are some annoyances however such as: you can't skip the long ingress or egress of the missions where you have to listen to Knox rambling about his 10 rules to live by while riding in the back of your transport, be it a chopper or truck. You CAN skip the campaign intro movies however. Another issue and perhaps the biggest in the game (yes even after the latest patch) is the trouble of your AI constantly walking in front of you while you are engaging the enemy. I wish the dev's would/could make it so that if you are aiming, the squad AI wouldn't move in front of you. They HAVE fixed the issue with your squad AI not taking cover when being attacked. At least it's significantly better then before the patch! I find the best option when playing with AI controlled squad-mates is to just tell them to hold position at a nearby wall or structure. That seems to keep them safe'ish and out of your way! The scenic vistas are well done as is the heat effect coming from the ground. Really makes it feel more believable. I even like the banter between the different company's: Alpha, Bravo (you), and Charlie. The real focus of the game is the multiplayer, in which case you don't have to worry about the issues I mentioned regarding the AI. If you want to take a break from the fairly lengthy campaign missions there are a number of Fire Team Engagements for you to test your skills in both single and multiplayer. Sometimes it's a nice change, and the missions for the most part are much shorter, but you can still level up you character! Almost every time I play the game I see something new that impresses me. You'll see enemies come to the aid of others who are down but not dead, and you're own squad mates will actually USE a grenade launcher if so equipped to take out a vehicle or whatnot. It's really quite impressive when you see them switch to their secondary weapon to clear a building if it's more appropriate. There are still some issues that need to be addressed, but for someone who likes an FPS with a modern combat focus this is a great option.

Achtung, Apr 29, 2011

If you are looking for a tactical shooter it is a good game. it is not as hardcore as Arma 2. The story is a realistic could be scenario. It is not a roller coaster ride like COD. The game has a skillpoint system which i think doesn't fit in a realistic shooter. For example, in the beginning your fieteams sniper doesn't hit anything, wich is a bit strange for a trained US marine sniper. Funny comments from your in game staff sergeant.

captainloveprod, Jul 8, 2011

Bought this title a month ago, on a whim. Not a fan of Codemasters titles. I think their a poor mans version of BI studio's.I struggled with this game for 2 weeks. Thinking it was a poor substitute for ARMA. But as I struggled. I found myself liking it's little things.It's not a great game. But it does have it's moments. Like ARMA it's hard to pick up. But once you get beyond it's flaws and play it. It's suddenly becomes hard to put down. I would suggest this to people who, have tired of the mainstream shooter market. And want to move down a more intelligent path. Keep up the good work Codemasters. You haven't beaten BI studios yet. But you may become a worthy opponent yet.

ODB_Mongoose, Apr 27, 2011

Gave it second chance after being hugely disappointed by Dragon Rising. Hasn't changed much - very restrictive gameplay - and cant drive all vehicles. This game is dated by release Back to Arma

Xanifur, Jul 7, 2011

Highly boring. Get this if you want a hiking simulator, because all you will be doing is running many miles along a road, killing waves of stupid AI enemies. Sure glad I didn't buy this. I had seriously low expectations from Code Masters since Dragon Rising, not surprisingly they lowered the bar yet again.

WhiteRabbit, Nov 29, 2011

I don't think points should be awarded for trying. This is probably the worst game I've ever played. In fact, that's probably it's one appeal. It's so terrible it's interesting to see just how bad it it. Though I was offered the game for free, the price does not justify the lost time it takes to see this games details spread over an obnoxiously long time. Clearly, there will be no sequel.

Incorruptible, Apr 29, 2011

Not only have Codemasters failed to address the evils of Dragon Rising, they have added in new problems - friendly AI on castor wheels who don't stay where you want them (and have a habit of shimmying through your firelane); terribly long, expletive ridden and highly boring diatribes by your Staff Sgt (who seems to mysteriously wield the same kind of authority as a platoon commander without the commission); and graphics that were last seem in UT '04.Not only this, but the lack of PvP and cookie-cutter scenarios will wear out quickly, and with little to no ability to mod the game, Codemasters has aimed lower and still failed to hit the mark. Avoid like the bubonic plague.