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Orcs Must Die! Unchained Orcs Must Die! Unchained takes the Orcs Must Die! action tower defense game to a new level with team-based gameplay. Bust skulls with your best pals in PvE co-op Survival, or put your teamwork to the real test in Endless Mode.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 89 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1638
Genre Action, Strategy, Real-Time, General, Defense
Company / Developer
Robot Entertainment / Robot Entertainment
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Orcs Must Die! Unchained reviews ( 7 )

deanparkr, Apr 18, 2017

OMDU takes the original gameplay formula from OMD 1 and 2 and expands on it with more maps, traps and heroes. Diverse maps and heroes with different mechanics keeps things interesting.

juicearific, Apr 18, 2017

Fantastic game. Takes the best parts of the previous games (OMD and OMD2) and mixes them together with some upgrades, like 3-person coop (that doesn't suck like OMD2's did), cooler traps, more heroes, etc.

Daeforce, Apr 7, 2016

I absolutely love this game, how it brought OMD 1&2 into the world of Online gaming instead of plain solo or 2 person co-op. Now that the game is in Open beta, bug's are less and less, and the player-base is steadily growing, All kinds of matches, be it 5vAI in Siege Co-op, 5v5 PvP Standard Siege or Survival, the standard OMD 1&2 game mode we all know, defend till you win. This still includes Endless modes for those demanding it. Nothing beats the feeling going high in waves with a great setup, I know. The fact you now have more heroes to play, several skins to get and a deeper upgrade system are all a big plus to me. Getting new heroes is not that hard, and you have a weekly 5 heroes to use. Sure, there are still minor flaws, but I could not ask more of an Open Beta game than OMDU delivers. As one who's been there since OMDU's beginning, if I had done this review 2 years ago, it would-of been close to 5 or 6, truth be told.

Clarion, May 23, 2016

A very sad ending for a very promising franchise. The first two Orcs Must Die games were great and full of charisma and identity, and had the potential to be a very sucessful franchise. Somehow, Robot Enterteinment thought it would be a good idea to turn it into some generic Free To Play MOBA and throw away almost everything that was good about. Traps are almost useless. Plannig is much less relevant. All the focus was shifted to online multiplayer PvP. A ton of new characters were created and they all feel empty.

Claytality, Mar 31, 2016

The game brings back some classic aspects of the OMD franchise, namely, killing orcs, but there is much to be desired when: Free-to-play = Pay-to-win

jcasetnl, Apr 4, 2016

I loved OMD 1 and 2, bought all the DLC, even bought copies for friends. I also paid $30 to be in the closed beta of Orcs Must Die Unchained. All of that is why this game is such an unmitigated disappointment for me. I already know what you're thinking, fanboy, so let me stop you right there. I'm not automatically against this game because it's F2P. I knew it was F2P going into the beta, after all. I'm dislike it because on nearly every level it's just a far weaker playing, dumbed down OMD game. Here's a partial list of what was made worse: 1. No Single Player campaign* 2. No Double-jumping 3. No Head shots 4. No Sprinting (yes, you cannot even sprint in this game!) 5. Slow rate of fire 6. Bad guys are bullet sponges, primary weapons are nearly useless (except to add a hit to your combo counter) 7. No charge shots 8. Traps do less damage and fire less often. 9. Traps cost more and thus you place far fewer in the course of a match. (If you manage to lay down 10 traps in the course of a half hour match, that's about typical in this game) 10. No trinkets 11. Slow movement: as mentioned, no sprinting, but backing up or strafing are oddly far slower than moving forward. 12. Character stops dead to cast magic or melee (again, adding to the SLOW feeling of this game) 13. The excellent progression of unlocking traps each level in OMD 1 and 2 is replaced with a deliberately complicated crafting system that requires (literally) dozens of hours of grinding to make any real progress. 14. Most levels limit trap placement to a single small hallway. The entire trap mechanic in the game is hugely downplayed. 15. Guardians cannot be placed strategically, only on designated spots *As for single player, yes, technically you can play solo. Except all the maps were designed for PvP and PvE, and as single player maps they're not very good. Also, there's no story, no humor, you just start a level and that's it. If that's a worthwhile single player game to you, then have at it. Is it the worst game in the world? No, certainly not. But it's just really, really mediocre. It's trying to shoehorn their previous success into a new multiplayer game and making far too many compromises in the process. Now it's to the point the older games are recognizable mainly in appearance only. Such a wasted opportunity. OMD3 with one or two additional modes, a couple new characters and improvements to the old ones would have been a fantastic seller. In fact, they probably could have easily made it to OMD4 before the community was really hungry for "something different." OMDU is the game precisely zero players and fans wanted.

Flemat, Jun 7, 2017

This is my first game to jump into the Franchise. Avrage graphs(4/10), avrage sounds(6/10). Funfactor: the game mechanic is very good, and it quite a good mix of tower defence and tps genres(8/10), BUT if you ever play this game alone without 2 more firneds, it is a living hell, especially on sabotage ("ranked") games. The matchmaking system is SO broken, its beyond Chuck Norris! (-20/10) If you are a masochist, I can recomend it, or just play vs AI solo, if thats fun for you! Imagine your high rank (lets say plat/diamond), and you get 2 freshly out of the tutorial teammates if you solo queue, while the enemy team is a premade 3 from the same guild, possibly communicating with eachother (ie: skype)...repeat this 3/5 times, and you will understand what im talking about ^^ PS: They should REALY limit who and when can start sabotage gamemode, OR make a separeta non ranked, just casual one beside it!