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Orcs Must Die! With a wide variety of traps and weapons to choose from, Orcs Must Die! dares players to find the best ways to hack, launch, flatten, gibletize, and incinerate an endless army of filthy orcs and their vile allies. Orcs Must Die! features a vibrant look, addictive gameplay, and a blatant disregard for the welfare of orcs.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 85 / 100
User rating
Downloads 4831
Genre Action, Strategy, General, Real-Time, Defense
Company / Developer
Robot Entertainment / Robot Entertainment
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Orcs Must Die! reviews ( 7 )

LordAlamar, Oct 21, 2011

Here's a little game that came out of nowhere and proved to be immensely fun. It has nice graphics, awesome music, a lot of humor and a lot of soul. Excellent game, worth every cent :)

riley321, Dec 9, 2011

it is rare to find a game that I really enjoy nowadays and this definitely one of them!! for some reason its very satisfying to see dozens of orcs being slaughtered by traps while you pick off the ones that managed to survive it. its fun, there are enough levels and it has a very reasonable price

T-Rex, May 1, 2012

Robot Entertainment have produced a slick action game here based around the popular tower defence genre. This game follows the traditional tower defence script of building traps to stop a constant stream of enemy foe but introduces player spells and weapons to assist.Far from becoming confused the game merges the 2 styles effortlessly, there are occasions when building an intricate series of diversions and traps is the order of the day and other times when equipping your poking stick and some fire gauntlets is required to smite the raging hordes.The game follows a steady learning curve, those new to tower defense games will be handheld throughout the first stages and with the game introducing new skills and abilities as you go along you will never feel overwhelmed at the pace.The games real charm rests in the war mage himself, the character story is developed via cut scenes between levels, he's equipped with a few witty one liners that he will dole out at various times and you cant help but like the guy!The graphics are good, the music is solid and atmospheric and at less than $15 this game is a bargain. Some people will play through it once but with the introduction of the "skull ranking" system many will replay the levels in order to 5 skull them. In this game skulls mean upgrades and upgrades means more dead orcs! ... This game takes its place as one of the best tower defence games available today. With the announcement of a sequel on the way things are looking good for Robot Entertainment.gfx: 8/10 Sound 7/10 Longevity 8.5/10 Value 10/10

Yazah, Nov 21, 2011

An inexpensive game that provides exactly what you see on the title: the chance to slaughter orcs. Despite the brutal traps, it is a fun and cartoony game with little blood and gore. Even so, it provides enough challenge and diversity to keep it interesting throughout.

caioMGA, Jul 21, 2012

Orcs Must Die! is a natural evolution of flash's Tower defense games. The problem in tower defense style is that player assumes, in the most part of time, a role of spectator and anxiousness may occur. OMD brings us the feature that was missing, ACTION! Before the stage begin you have some weapons and traps to arrange trough the stage. New items are unlocked as you progress and your old arsenal can be upgraded. It is not an easy game, it ricquires some strategy skills, once the game is focused on defending. It is not about the action, it is about kill Orcs! In all aspects this game is awesome, BUT your aim is huge, and its drawing is blocking your vision all the time. It affects the gameplay and push you to improve your strategy to win.

hit925, Jul 19, 2012

Despite not being a very big fan of tower defence games, this game was very fun, mainly because it isn't really a tower defence game. The graphics are nice and not very demanding for your PC. It was also very cool that a new item was given to you after every level, giving you new ways to slay those orcs and laugh maniacally. I got this game on a Steam sale but at the full price, it may not be completely worth, as it may repetitive and some may not have the incentive to replay levels to improve their score. That sais, I found the gameplay to be satisfying and addictive. I would highly recommand this game.

Solsgon, Aug 5, 2014

This game started out okay, quite fun, the mechanics felt good etc... But as you got to the later levels you realize that there is really only one defense setup that works. And that is disgusting. I get stuck on some levels for hours simply because there is no way to deal with the waves of different enemies. There is no defense that is "guaranteed" or more likely to deal with a certain type of enemy. I'm stuck on the last 3-4 levels, having tried dozens upon dozens of setups, and nothing is working. Basically most of this game is "put down some traps to see the orcs get hurt, laugh a little and then spray them with a crossbow and pray they don't get through". I really liked this game when I started it, but now it just plain disgusts me. I'm sorry to say I regret buying it.