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Ori and the Blind Forest Ori and the Blind Forest is a bit of a genremix – It’s a ‘Metroidvania‘, but with a stronger platforming focus and light RPG elements, all set within an atmospheric world.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 90 / 100
User rating
Downloads 8817
Genre Action, Platformer, 2D
Company / Developer
Microsoft Game Studios / Moon Studios

Ori and the Blind Forest reviews ( 7 )

mindw0rk, Mar 11, 2015

Rare masterpiece with soul and probably the best platformer Ive ever played. Its hard to find any flaws in this game. Story, visuals, music, controls, gameplay - everything is top notch. Even if you hate platformers you probably should try Ori and the Blind Forest, its that good.

Did-, Apr 6, 2018

When reviewing a game, I usually try to understand why a game is good or bad, and what feels wrong in a game. But sometimes, nothing feels wrong. Therefore, should I feel wrong for not finding anything to say that has not already been said? “Ori and the Blind Forest” is beautiful, both aesthetically and graphically. The scenery is gorgeous, the character animation is smooth, the lighting and colorimetry is great, and the music goes perfectly on top of this. The character is enjoyable to control, it’s fun to move him around the forest, and each new ability permits more traversability, so revisiting old worlds doesn’t feel tedious. Some zones are even accessible using these new powers, like in Super Metroid. If I had to find a flaw, it would be the escape sequences. During these, you have a single life, and if you fail, you start from the beginning, and learning is mostly trial-and-error, not my favorite game design pattern. But still, they were interesting to play in the end. All in all, one of the greatest Metroidvania games you can find. They even put bonus content directly inside the game, with early footage from the first prototypes and concept arts. It was really interesting to see how much they spent on player movement and abilities in the early development, surely that’s how they managed to make this game so good and that’s something more game developers should do.

adrianak, Sep 8, 2015

10/10. I have no praises left to give as everything has been said already. I just HAD to gather every single cell or what-not to play as long as possible! It is also the perfect level of difficulty - few frustrating moments but not too many to slow your progress significantly. AMAZING! I only wished it wasn't so sad. it actually made me cry :(

JLK88, Mar 20, 2015

Amazing next-gen platformer. This game took me by surprise, it sort of just came out of no where. It definitely exceeded my expectations. Worth buying.

Marmosette, Dec 19, 2015

Aesthetically spectacular, but also a really well executed metroidvania game. It's a beautiful game all around, not just visually. Ori's next to non-existent combat system is awkward and often frustrating, but combat is honestly just a way to prevent monotony throughout what really is a game of navigating the gloriously depicted and sounding environment. What Ori does so well is create an environment that is FUN to dash back and forth across. Environmental hazards allow you to play with the controls, which are wonderfully suited to the game's spaces and obstacles. The abilities Ori picks up rarely seem redundant or trivial (with some exceptions). But even the obligatory double-jump has an unusual feel that, rather than being frustrating, is used in a very engaging and sometimes clever way. Platforming puzzles are often intelligent and require precision, forcing players to not just utilize new abilities, but be thoughtful and practiced with them. Some of the level-culminating chase puzzles can be pleasantly frustrating, as you focus so hard on on controlling Ori that you largely miss the gorgeously animated hazards you're avoiding. The save system can be seen as punishing, but really it just keeps you from being lazy and overconfident. It's an interesting way of having to think about your gaming relationship with platforming impatience. What really makes the game come alive, though, is Ori's subtle, involuntary animations. Small attentions to detail, like cycling animations for repetitive actions like jumping, or balancing animations, or small vaults over objects you just barely clear from jumps and falls. Small and unobtrusive details like these, footstep sounds changing over changing terrain, things that aren't at all unique to this game, but which come together really nicely to make a game that feels vibrant and strong, and substantial.

Underpants158, Mar 30, 2015

What is this game?!: A precision platformer with a beautiful albeit cliche story about a forest spirit thing restoring life/light to the forest and battling darkness/death Pros: -Graphics and art style that is pretty enough to be one of those artsy fartsy games, the games that are light on gameplay and say "it's all about the expppeerriiennce," but not. -The characters are lovable and the story has serious tear jerking moments. -A whole list of moves that you gradually learn along your journey: jump, double jump, wall jump, wall climb, and you even have this move where you fling yourself off of your enemy. The level design, array of moves, and intricate ways of using those moves keep the platforming engaging and challenging. -Did I say challenging? I did! It's a real hard game. I'm pretty sure I suck at these type of game but I stuck with it and enjoyed and respected this game. Cons: -You have 3 tower escape levels (they are not literally towers, you're in a forest, but you know what I mean) and they largely revolve around memorizing a sequence of events in order to navigate around them. For instance there was a part where 3/4 of the roof collapsed and the only way you could survive is if you were already in or near the 1/4 side of the room where the roof remained in tact. For a game that is heavily revolved around player precision and skill this seemed a lot more of an arbitrary life or death toss up. -Save points are manual and they come from a collecting blue orbs (kinda like a mp gauge for save points) but there is rarely a high demand for those blue orbs as they are plentiful enough so you can save near constantly and be fine. It really defeats the purpose of the mechanic. Conclusion: More often than not games are either viscerally fun or a great experience. This is a rare instances where a game is both. I highly recommend it.

Alseiz, Jul 9, 2017

good story and nice gameplay but the early game is a pain in the ass since you gotta explore the map and die almost instantly, the save mechanic is nice but it's annoying that saving uses resources to fight leaving you with less options overall, must problems get solved later on but by that time there's no need to actually save because of the movement options and excess energy . Also it's not necesary to be carefull in the enviroment because of the defense buff granted by ability trees and excess life