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Orwell: Ignorance is Strength Step into the shoes of a government official in a top-secret department of the Orwell surveillance program. Given the power to both uncover and fabricate "the truth", how far will you go in the service of your country? Season 2 of Orwell, the award-winning surveillance thriller.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 76 / 100
User rating
Downloads 857
Genre Adventure, Point-and-Click
Company / Developer
Surprise Attack / Osmotic Studios

Orwell: Ignorance is Strength reviews ( 2 )

BLADELING, Mar 27, 2018

Not impressive as the first season but it's always a simple and appealing game. I found this second season a lot less "conspiracy" and more realistic. We see the influencer tool at work every day, in real life. Entering data chunks now makes 10 minutes pass, so we need to be better at picking the relevant ones. And even if there are no attacks to be thwarted, there are moments of tension! I loved it! I saw three endings out of four and I will play it again to try the last one. The length of the game is 3-4 hours. Thinking that you'll want to play it again at least once, it's 10 euros for 6-8 hours of fun. Not bad! :D

Cyber_Angel, Mar 26, 2018

Not so impressive as the first installment, with fewer episodes (3 versus 5), fewer characters and a more straightforward story. The voice acting really didn't convince me this time. On the other hand, the "on paper awesome" tool, the Influencer, is an interesting idea, although pretty under-utilized and only used in the last episode. Overall it's more of the great Orwell gameplay we're used to, with a confusing second episode (a lot of people got stuck, according to the forums, including me) and a not-so-satisfying ending. But I haven't seen the other endings. Just MY ending. Go play the game and see for yourself. When it's on sale.