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Out of the Park Baseball 13

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 87 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1776
Genre Sports, Traditional, Team, Baseball, Sim
Company / Developer
Out Of The Park Developments / Out Of The Park Developments

Out of the Park Baseball 13 reviews ( 7 )

lordPlumtree, Jul 21, 2012

For a baseball game having the same hold as Football manager then this game is for you. So many options to tailor the game to your likes and a very helpful forum and producer for help and advice. So simple to get into but with long term playability. Many hours can be lost trying to win the next game or sign that star player you need for your franchise to get to the top.

lotsofluck, Jul 27, 2012

The best baseball simulation/management game out there. Very addicting game that allows you to take control of your favorite team or create your own league.

JohnHoward, Jul 16, 2012

Ideal game for experienced and detail-oriented gamers. Requires effort to create and manage, but great support from the best modder community in the world, combined with great customer service and development support makes it all worth the effort. The game does not need a graphics engine because it is not a toy. This may turn off younger gamers, but so be it. Great for replays and fictional.

Simmo13, Jul 17, 2012

I've played many board and computer baseball games over the years and, in my opinion, this is the very best. Replay historical seasons or draft players from different eras, create and immerse yourself in fictional baseball worlds, the possibilities for customisation are terrific and there is a great community of OOTP players and modders with a lively and helpful forum.wonderful value for money.

RS17TIMES, Jul 16, 2012

If you want graphics, buy a PS3 or XBOX game. If you want to be immersed in a baseball world -- real or fiction -- in a way you can't find anywhere else, go with OOTP. The endless information in the game, the realistic GM experience and the countless possibilities for both fictional and real-life worlds make this the only text-sim baseball game you should play.

testguy, Jul 16, 2012

You have to be awfully short-sighted to not only negatively review a game the quality of OOTP, but to give it a 0 rating (signifying that it has zero redeemable value). Gross overreaction like that provides no value whatsoever to those looking for usable insight into the game. It comes across as nothing but immature axe grinding. OOTP does not provide a graphics engine, nor does it need it. Would it be a nice addition? Yes, but the lack of does not in any way diminish the quality of every other aspect it provides.

helm123, Jun 23, 2012

Same old tired graphics as the years before. Can't believe it's 2012 and we're still reading endless lines of text. At least now when I need my sports simulation fix I can fire up Football Manager and at least visualize the outcome of the game.