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Out of the Park Baseball 16 Last year, the game introduced 7 international leagues in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Mexico, Cuba, Italy and The Netherlands. This year, it added the Australian Baseball League to that list, along with several independent leagues in the US and Japan. All of those leagues feature real rosters, of course, with hours of work invested in researching realistic bio info, statistics and ratings for thousands of real players.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 93 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1438
Genre Sports, Team, Baseball, Sim
Company / Developer
Out Of The Park Developments / Out Of The Park Developments

Out of the Park Baseball 16 reviews ( 7 )

oilersfan99, Jun 17, 2015

For baseball simulations, this game is head and shoulders above anything out there. I have been playing this series since it started and have been huge fan of each game. It is incredibly in depth and takes a bit of learning to know the ins and outs of the whole game but is easy enough to pick up and play too. One of the best features of the game isn't listed. It is the community. They are helpful and will help teach different things. If you want a great baseball simulation, this is it.

Assos99, Jun 15, 2015

This is game is the standard for baseball sims out there. It allows you to recreate history and/or make your own history and/or invent your own worlds. I have seen the Negative reviews and found them baseless and full of impatient people who do not understand the scope of the game. Once you figure out your league settings, it takes no more then 5 minutes to set up your universe to play ball! I play a lot of historical, but I have also fallen in love with the fictional leagues. You can create a Far East or Middle Eastern league, using fictional players from the region. Who else does that! And with support on the forums and the mod-ability of this game, it is well word every penny!

HuachucaThunder, Jun 18, 2015

This is the best baseball sim on the market, by far. I have played this since OOTP 8 and it has improved greatly with every release since. The game provides so many options for the user that it does take some "tinkering" to get your world how you want it. But, that is just one thing that separates OOTP from all the other baseball sims. Some people will say that it is not real. I beg to differ. The game plays out with the choices you make as the GM, Manager, etc. Your moves, i.e. trades, waiver moves, releases, affect your team and your fan base in a realistic manner. Out of the box, it is ready to play. A few simple clicks with your mouse and you are managing a baseball team, from rookie ball to the majors or any one of the dozens of other leagues included in the game. As long as the franchise continues, I can say for myself, I will purchase it without any second thoughts. The community that is available in the forums is one of the things that is great about this game. If you have a problem or just a question on how to do something, chances are your issue will be addressed in a very timely manner and you will have a multitude of ways to do something. Be aware, this is NOT and "arcade" game, so you will not get a player who regularly hit 100 homeruns or hits .700 every year, unless you physically go in and adjust the settings, and then it still may not happen. I have seen a few posts in the forum about user not getting the results they expect and say the game is flawed. How can my team, , lose 100 games when I have the same players that won the world series last year? Well, simply put, "The Fogs of War". The game is worth every penny in my opinion.

AlabamaFootball, Jun 15, 2015

I have been playing this game since version 2 came out 14 years ago. Developer is awesome. Game is great. I get to relive my childhood of strat--o-matic without the use of cards, tracking my own stats in spiral notebooks and buying new player cards for each season. Game makes great use of lahman database. Free player cards! for those on here writing negative things about this game, I do not know your motivation for doing so but baseball extremely hard to simulate. This games does a fantastic job at that. Customization options and third-party add-ons make this game play any way you want to play it. Fictional players, fictional leagues, fictional teams for those who want to play that way. Intermingle players from different eras if you want to. Historical recreations and what-ifs if that is what you want to do. This game has given me hours and hours of relaxing, therapeutic, fun. Playing games with players from my youth, from Ernie Banks and Ron Santo to Felix Millan and Larry Bowa. brings back memories... This game provides a tremendous bang for the buck! Great support. Awesome product. As simple or complex a game as you want to make it....

dnu318, Jun 15, 2015

So you want to be General Manger or you want the hot seat in the manager's office? Let OOTP be your ticket. The level of realism in this game has always been incredible. The customization that this game allows is endless. If you have an obscure setup wish, just head over to the forums and ask. There are plenty of people to help you out with tips and suggestions. There are plenty of mods to enhance game enjoyment: logos, jerseys, ballparks, universes, databases, you name it. Setup can be as easy or as complex as you want it to be. If you're new to the game checkout the MLB quickstart and poke around. learn the menus and learn how to play. Then maybe expand into playing wiht the database. You can start a league at any point in baseball history. Do you want to sim from the dead ball era to present day to see how you could change baseball history? Do you want to test the game and see how historically accurate it is? Do you want to create a completely alternative baseball reality with completely fictional players? It's all at your finger tips. You will not find a game more in-depth than OOTP! waivers and dfa's (designate for assignment) It's all there! Injuries, suspensions, rain delays, rain outs, It's literally endless. OOTP, until last year, was a text based sim. Now they've got 3-D graphics, which are still a work in progress but it just shows the depth of the game and what that the development team is willing to go the extra mile. There are plenty of patches. If things are need to be fixed, and can be (programming can be a dificult endeavor)., the team is right on it. Patches aren't just about fixes either! You can even find new features in upgrades. Many years ago, (sometime in the 80's) I believe the New York Mets had a slogan: "Baseball the way it aught to be." Well, OOTP is a baseball Sim the way it Ought to be. The team truly does hit it "out of the park" and they've done it consistently, for years.

Ernestogon, Sep 15, 2015

There's some bugs underway in OOTP 16, the most famous when the AI substitutes injured/ejected players. Or some weird general management decisions, although that's supposed to simulate human behavior. Anyway, Out Of The Park Baseball stays as the true paramount of baseball sims - maybe the best among the whole sporting genre. Many changing new features includes an owner goal system, and a brand new player chemistry feature - that's not merely cosmestic but affects the outcome of your savegame in unimaginable ways. Oh! - finally the game comes with MLB licenses with real names and logos without crawling around the forums. OOTP comes with a kind, polite online community helping always to the rookies and uploading a wide array of mods - remedying some of the few flaws, like the "Cuban-born Yankees' owner" hypothesis of one fellow user. As said, there's historical and current-day modes, allowing the player to reenact any Major League Baseball season from their humble 19th century days or channelling your inner Nostradamus - will the Wrigley Boys finally end their long, centennial drought, anytime? Will be the Yankee Empire dominating once again, or struggling for a long time a la Cubbies? Also, the beloved fictional mode is here, again for the cheers of every ball daydreamer (like me :) ) I'm not giving the tenth star for the aforementioned bugs. But in spite of this, OOTP is truly awesome, worthy their tag price.

metacritic1967, Jun 18, 2015

Update - The User Score is just a bit tainted since the programmers asked the users to inflate the score! But at least I am getting my complaints finally listened to by the group! With no manual, game setup that takes hours, financial system that does not match historical records, AI managers playing players out of position, so-called historical replays that use fictional coaches and owners (seriously, a historical 1977 replay has the New York Yankees owned by someone from Cuba and not owned by George "The Boss" Steinbrenner) and a new owner option that is completely idiotic, I say pass on the baseball game. If you are a fan of recreating historical leagues there are better games out there. Final Verdict - The game is not worth the money or the time!