Out of the Park Baseball 18 Crack/Patch

Out of the Park Baseball 18 Experience a new game mode in OOTP 18: Challenge! This mode can be enabled in newly created leagues (standard / historical / fictional) and adds a unique twist, along with new rewards, while playing OOTP. Certain areas of the game are tightly controlled to prevent cheating and the game flow is optimized and more streamlined. Several new types of achievements and statistics are tracked in a new (optional) OOTP online user profile. Are you the best OOTP manager on the planet? Compare your skills to other OOTP gamers and find out how you stack up.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 88 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1095
Genre Sports, Team, Baseball, Sim
Company / Developer
Out Of The Park Developments / Out Of The Park Developments

Out of the Park Baseball 18 reviews ( 3 )

kingdomk, Jun 30, 2017

Out of the Park Baseball 18 is even better than last year's version, which earned Metacritic 2016 PC Game of the Year award. The development team has added many new features (including a better 3D game engine) and tweaked almost all areas of the game. The result is a masterpiece, and certainly the best sports strategy game on the market, next to Football Manager. If you are a baseball fan, you should get it!

rsharkman, Dec 22, 2017

Out of the Park 18 is yet another great product shipped out by Out of the Park Developments. Each new release adds more features than the year before. The sheer amount of stats that this game provides will appeal to any baseball nerd. The different season options allow you to attempt to reproduce a season or you can set up your own league with a complete draft. I also like that you can try out the different international leagues and their players. If you own a previous season this is definitely worth the purchase and if you are new to the series, this is a great place to start. Lastly, the developers put out multiple patches that address player issues.

marc5477, May 7, 2017

1st, remember a 5 is average (math > opinion). Finally, some worthwhile improvements. If you are like me, and dont care about all of the 3D enhancements made the past few years, you will be happy to hear that this year they actually improved on the core of the game rather than useless graphics. Here are the notable improvements I have noticed while playing: + Injuries are finally sane. In previous games, even using "low" injuries resulted in more DL days league-wise than real life baseball. The problem was, all injuries and illness were debilitating and removed the player from the game (even something as silly as a sprain or a cold). Finally they listened to people (like me) on the forum and corrected injuries so that most injuries no longer place a player on DL but rather they just reduce their performance while they play through it. They seem to have increased their frequency of non-DL injuries and reduced the number of major game breaking injuries which is perfect. They also created nagging injuries which was cool. Plus 1 point for this. + Reliever salaries have been fixed to be more realistic. No longer can you hire the best relievers for pennies. Now they good ones demand at least half of the salary of a good starter. This was very good and fixed some of the budgeting issues (for human players) in previous versions. Plus one for this. = They provided some new manager ratings to see while hiring them but they remain largely useless since there is no way to even begin to guess the skill of a coach or manager using them. I didnt give any points for this. Problems that persist include: = AI still cannot manage favorable contracts nor its own finances. You still have to give them near unlimited funds for them to compete. Its not a big deal for a human but it makes the game somewhat nonstrategic. - Even with scouting set to "very low" and a slightly above average scout, I am creating about one star player every year in my minors and one superstar every other year. This is not realistic. This happens even if I tune down creation modifiers (because ultimately they are zero sum). Interestingly, I seemed to have a harder time in ootp16 than in this game using the same setting. I am not sure what happened. Minus one point. Though they made some nice improvements, the game still needs a little more to make it challenging. The game still becomes way too easy about 4-5 seasons into the game even if you use an expansion team with terrible starting players and no minor league players.