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Out of the Park Baseball 4 A comprehensive baseball simulation that offers multiple play options, a career mode, an exhaustive financial model, an open-ended design allowing you to completely customize your gaming experience, and much more. Try to build a dynasty with your favorite team through trading, acquiring free agents and making good selections in the amateur draft. Play consecutive seasons and follow the careers of your players as they develop, age and retire. Or, use Out of the Park Baseball's connectivity with The Baseball Archive to create your own "season disks," and replay any single season in baseball history. You can even combine history and fantasy by creating a new career league that starts with a historical season from baseball's past, and moves forward through a future that you shape! [Out of the Park Developments]

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 89 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1010
Genre Sports, Traditional, Baseball, Sim
Company / Developer
Out Of The Park Developments / Out Of The Park Developments

Out of the Park Baseball 4 reviews ( 1 )

AndrewC., Apr 18, 2002

I've never been a big fan of baseball sims, and have seen most of them fail. But this is one of the best ever, with e-mail notifications and other neat stuff. Since I'm not a huge fan of these kinds of games, it's only an eight, but a respectable one at that.