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Out of the Park Baseball 9 The game lets you do almost anything a real life general manager can do to guide a baseball team to glory. Set your line-ups. Replace that aging veteran with a rookie from your minor leagues. Put your injured starter on the disabled list and scout the waiver wire for someone to fill that roster spot. Put that disgruntled star heading for free agency on the trade block, and see what shakes out. Negotiate contracts with free agents and extensions with your own players. Set your scouting budget, and have your scouting director get a closer look at that free agent pitcher from Japan. The game has no limits, you can guide your team into the infinite future. But it does not end in the front office. OOTP 9 lets you call every play from the dugout, you have total control over your team on the diamond. The most realistic baseball simulation engine on the market handles all the games of your virtual baseball world. You can even save your most exciting games as replays and share them with your friends or the thriving OOTP community. [OOTP Developments]

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 84 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1094
Genre Sports, Traditional, Baseball, Management
Players 32 Online
Company / Developer
Out Of The Park Developments / Out Of The Park Developments

Out of the Park Baseball 9 reviews ( 2 )

ChrisT, Jul 10, 2008

The game is superb. It isn't much different from the previous version, but many of the slight glitches and issues with that version have been resolved, and a few new features have been added that take the game beyond where it has been. It's worth the upgrade. For new fans, this is the most polished version of the game to start with, and it will get better once a few of the new bugs are ironed out, which should happen in the next few weeks.

SallyT, Jul 31, 2009

This just isn't really the kind of game I'm willing to spend money on. It's a big price tag for fairly simple and uninteresting gameplay mechanics, I'm definitely not willing to give this game any credit, being that it doesn't merit any. Go spend your $40 on something else, preferably marijuana, you'll get a more exciting experience than Out of the Park Baseball 9.