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Outer Wilds Outer Wilds is an open world mystery about a solar system trapped in an endless time loop.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 86 / 100
User rating
Downloads 55
Genre Action Adventure, Open-World
Players No Online Multiplayer
Company / Developer
Annapurna Interactive / Mobius Digital, LLC
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Outer Wilds reviews ( 6 )

The_Eleatic, Jun3, 2019

This is very nearly a perfect game: beautifully designed and executed, intelligently written, and engaging from beginning to end. The setting is a miniature solar system in which the planets are subject to something like realistic orbital mechanics. Each planet may be small - on the scale of hundreds of meters in diameter - but together they offer up a wide variety of dynamic and visually striking environments. At moments, the imagery is breathtaking. The aesthetic is stylized, but consistent - and consistently appealing. (I'm tempted to say: "you know, like a game published by Annapurna.") The game-play mechanics are well crafted: navigation - in ship or in suit - and walking work smoothly, and all the tools the player has available function as they should. As for the writing, this game should be held up as the very model of how to integrate a tight, coherent narrative into an open-world setting. You really can explore in any direction and in any order you like, following one line of clues or another. All the clues fit together, though, and all lead to the same place . . . when you're ready for them to do so. The clues left behind by long-dead alien visitors provide a glimpse into their lives and hopes and loves - and their disagreements as to how far their experiments should go - without ever being heavy-handed about it. In terms of story and game play, the 22-minute loop has a lot of appeal. Most of the time, it means you can be really relaxed about exploration, knowing there will always be another loop ahead of you. Sometimes, though, it gives you license to take outrageous risks in exploration, burning all your bridges behind you, confident that you'll be back at the launch pad at home soon enough. ---- Postscript: The thing about the controls is that this is one of the few space-based SF games that takes Newton's laws of motion seriously: you know, an object in motion remains in motion, and so on. If you hit one thruster, your ship starts moving in that direction . . . and keeps going in that direction unless you counteract it with another thruster. If you hold your finger on the button for a thruster, you will continue to accelerate in that direction. It also takes seriously the law of gravity: if you are near a planet, you will start accelerating toward that planet unless you counteract that acceleration with a thruster blast in the opposite direction. Most other SF games with a flying mechanic seem to assume that spaceships in a vacuum work just like airplanes in an atmosphere. They don't. So, yes, the controls in Outer Wilds take some getting used to, but they are manageable with practice. Also, the developers have included an autopilot and a velocity-matching mechanic that can help you out of tight spots . . . though sometimes you do have to abort the autopilot if it plots a course through the sun. There is no substitute for your own judgment in such situations.

Crescendo, Oct 28, 2019

If you like and long for a first-person space exploration game that is shrowded in mystery, this is the game for you, as long as "no combat" is not an issue for you. I really want to stress how much this game succeeds in making you feel like an explorer of a very, very interestingly designed solar system. It needs to be said, however, that aside from perfectly statisfying said urge to explore and delve, the game covers not that many other bases. Sure, you have a few puzzles and dexterity challenges flying your ship, but it's mostly the joy of finding new puzzle pieces. You probably know best if this is a game for you - but if it IS, oh boy are you going to enjoy the experience.

strav, Jun 29, 2019

This is the single best exploration game I've played in years. It is reminiscent of Myst in it's approach to discovering the lore of an ancient worlds while having none of the contrived puzzles - Outer Wilds is all about unraveling and making sense of what has been left in plain sight - like most ancient lore is. There are puzzles, but they are more about understanding the world around you than deciphering a mad man's code. As for the exploration, I am reminded in Subnautica in how treacherous and astonishingly enticing the adventure is. Often times it is even more imaginative and precarious. The graphics are superb, sound is impeccable, story is well written, diverse, personal, the exploration is nerve grinding - just give this game a try.

AnotherRookie, Jun 11, 2019

This was a stunning, weekend filling adventure. The only big issue i had, was keyboard controls but i solved this problem with a programmable mouse button. Still some jumping puzzles were really hard and punishing if you took a wrong step. The solution to the riddles are not obvious, but if you managed to find the hints scattered across the solar system, they are. This makes exploring, as well as solving the puzzles very rewarding. The game itself gives you hints, what places you should investigate further, if there is still crucial information for you to be gathered there. So you can't get really stuck in the story. I guess the art style is up to taste, but the planets and points of interest on these planets are fantastic, bizarre, interesting,.. whatever you can think of! Really one of the best games i played in a while, to sum it up.

Christen10, Jun6, 2019

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psycho8, Jul 26, 2020

I will first say that this game won't please everybody. It is VERY unique in the gaming landscape and some people won't connect with what it's doing. There isn't any plot in the usual sense, no character progression and no combat. This game is entirely about your curiosity and will to explore and experiment. But if you love exploring, if you relish in figuring out stuff on your own, if you have an appreciation for extremely innovative game design, mechanics and story, I could not recommend it enough. The game has you exploring an alien star system with your small spaceship, where every 22 minutes the sun explodes and you start over, only equipped with the knowledge you managed to achieve. This way you explore the universe in little expeditions, and though you start out knowing absolutely nothing about how things work, if you let your curiosity guide you you'll start to realize the lore, the different game mechanics and all sorts of crazy things that are going on here. And when everything comes together, when I realized exactly what I have to do, I got a feeling no game had given me before, this feeling of purposefulness and focus that was absolutely amazing. If what I wrote here seems like this could be up your alley I beg you to give this a shot.