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Outland Outland puts players in the middle of a world of balance and chaos where their efforts allow them to bridge the ancient divide, or doom the world to destruction. Each player's adventure will take them between light and darkness and force them to adapt to an ever-changing world. This light versus dark core gameplay is inspired by the arcade classic Ikaruga.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 85 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1141
Genre Action, Platformer, 2D
Company / Developer
Housemarque / Housemarque, Knockout Games

Outland reviews ( 5 )

PeaceGuard, Jan 4, 2018

Outland deserves a better average than current 7.5. Ori and the Blind Forest, which is a clear crib of Outland has currently 8.7 average. And these games are basically equal in value. If you don't like the default controls just use Autohotkey and stop whining. Mine is below, but you can use any comfortable for you. lctrl::rctrl rctrl::lctrl space::lctrl tab::m m::tab rbutton::i i::rbutton lbutton::j j::lbutton o::` `::o k::e e::k h::q q::h l::1 1::l return

piszozo, May 5, 2015

Have you ever wondered what would be the outcome when you mix some irrelevant games? I am sure every gamer does it from time to time. For instance, I always wonder what kind of a game would come out when we combined Devil May Cry franchise with Diablo franchise. As if you were playing Diablo, but you need to press right buttons at the right time to perform skills to keep your combo up. There is no pressing your skill buttons when cooldowns are up, you need to sweat to perform your skills and moves! I don’t know, maybe there are already games like that. Anyway, I suppose some developers at Housemarque were wondering what would be the result if they wanted to mix Ikaruga with Super Metroid. The result is a whole new game; Outland! Outland is a 2D platformer game uses action and puzzle elements together. What Outland offers may not seem unique but every game is somewhat similar to some other game. I mean, from this perspective, every game is one way or another, a derivative of another game that was released before it. However, in terms of combining different elements in it, Outland is unique in my opinion. Read the whole article here; http://gameground.net/review-outland/

stop9091, Jan 20, 2017

It's a bit hard to judge this game, because it'a a mix of a pure platform and a metroidvania, but it does so without too much success. First, the good: - the energies idea is interesting; it works as platform (although, the large amount of life makes the hurdles a bit too forgiving) - the bosses are great. I give one point just for them. - it's a stilish game - at least the first map, and the bosses, look really great The meh: - wall jumping has fixed trajectory; this is a missed chance for more skillful playing - the variety and strategy of the enemies are good enough; maybe not great, but good enough. - the story is not too good, but not too bad. summary: everybody on earth goes **** crazy; the player beats the crap out of everybody The negative: - the art style looks flat after a while; although individually taken, the environments are aesthetically interesting, they look somewhat the same as a whole - the upgrade system is bland - only life and charge energy - the upgrade system is fueled by money. after a while, colleting money becomes uninsteresting; in order to "buy" (offer money!?) the upgrade from the most obvious upgrade locations, it's enough to collect the accessible money. - WHY SHOWING A GUIDE!!! WHY!!! It completely ruins the metroidvania experience. completely!!!! All in all, it very much fails as metroidvania, because it lacks the depth, but it pleasantly succeeds as a platform.

clarky, Oct 11, 2014

Sonic, but in 2014 with a different title and style. If you enjoy falling into spikes, and jumping around on moving platforms, you will love this game. I gave 3 stars because they allowed me to skip dialogues, and its an OK looking game and smooth enough. Not for me though.

Fuz, Oct 11, 2014

Keyboard controls are not redefinable by the user. This makes this game totally unplayable for me. it's a terrible, lazy port and these sort of things shouldn't be tolerated.