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Outlast: Whistleblower As Waylon Park, the whistleblower who emailed Miles Upshur, you’ll witness psycho killers and asylum security face off as all hell truly breaks loose. Survive, and you may just have a chance to expose the terrible secrets at the heart of Mount Massive and unmask the true face of the Murkoff Corporation for all the world to see.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 75 / 100
User rating
Downloads 2543
Genre Action Adventure, Horror, Survival
Company / Developer
Red Barrels /
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Outlast: Whistleblower reviews ( 7 )

Brallini, May 6, 2014

Very good dlc, the actual game was amazing i frequently say that it was my favourite game of 2013. The dlc does not dissapoint and for 5 pounds you can expect at least 2 hours of bone chilling enjoyment. 10/10 would bang, so good much amaze.

Gamer147, Oct 9, 2014

Gawk, this was a wild ride. I watched Pewdiepie's playthrough of this particular DLC (as well as the actual game). There aren't too many companies that would dare dabble in the things Outlast's DLC had, it's even more shocking and creepy than the game itself. I loved it, and it absolutely is worth playing, especially if you like horror-story based games. 9.5/10

Clean, May 12, 2014

Um... The low critic review score really emphasizes the key concept of this game - love isn't for everyone ;). The developers are really talented in creating a creepy atmosphere. This is even more scary than the original one with a twisted mind of dark humour. Enjoy your trip, a romantic love story is awaiting for you. Really appreciate the guts of developers, who boost the game to such a high, without worrying about complaints of so many terrible, wierd and nasty scenes.

mmmMatto, Oct 8, 2014

It's more Outlast, and that isn't a bad thing. A lot of the disturbing story elements and imagery get ramped up a few notches from pretty damn creepy to flat out disturbing and disgusting. If you liked the original game and want more you've got it.

samuelmason900, May 11, 2014

Warning:Don't play this game at night with lights off and headphones on. This game is even more scarier than original and links the story holes that left behind by the original outlast game.Overall it is a short heart pounding adventure that keeps you at the edge of the seat...

st3ph3n2110, Jul 28, 2016

Outlast Whistleblower is a perfect dlc for the main game. Even though the scares are the same as the main Outlast game, there are a few more terrifying moments which were intense throughout. I would of expected it to be a bit longer, and to make it less frustrating at certain moments because it takes away a bit of the experience. The sounds and the atmosphere are still perfect, same with the night vision effect. Overall, i would give this a 7/10.

Natnl, May 15, 2014

Jump scares are for Posies , jump scares are the lowest form of horror thats exist , The game itself is dry and should be considered horror because the only aspect that is scary about this game is the over-usage of jump scares the developers squeezed in it , definitely an unintelligent format and a main concept of a game , this game cause serious ear ache and is only tolerable with an almost-mute volume , plot wise : the same as a generic POV horror movie with a shaky camera and some teenagers :]