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Overcooked! Overcooked is a chaotic couch co-op cooking game for one to four players. Working as a team, you and your fellow chefs must prepare, cook and serve up a variety of tasty orders before the baying customers storm out in a huff.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 82 / 100
User rating
Downloads 39
Genre Action, Simulation, Arcade, Virtual, Career
Company / Developer
Team17, Ghost Town Games Ltd. / Ghost Town Games Ltd.
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Overcooked! reviews ( 7 )

Woody3, Dec5, 2016

It's probably the best co-op game I've played. Most co-op games just require 2 or more people to be playing in the same screen, and that's all the "co-op" you get. In this case, you really need to comunicate and coordinate with your teammates, or you are screwed. I've played together with my wife (who's not a gamer), and with different groups of friends, and always had a blast playing. Great game, it really deserves more attention. The only downside is the lack of multiplayer. Hopefully that will be fixed in the future.

marvs869, Mar 19, 2017

Diner Dash has never been this much fun! I'm having a hard time not liking this game because of how loud me and my friends get. Having to shout profanities so that your so-called "friend" would get the dishes out in time just gives the game such charm. I do hope the developer will continue to support this and add new challenges, cooking methods or even add meals-- like with drinks and sidings just to make it more fun to play with

JUST1, Aug 12, 2016

Made an account just to write this review since I feel like this game is not getting the attention it deserves. If you enjoy local co op gaming I absolutely recommend this, it's easily one of the best co op experiences in years! There is a nice variety of levels and dishes you have to serve and the levels get increasingly challenging without ever really becoming frustrating. You get a lot of content for a small asking price. Apparently the single player is not very fun and there is no online play yet but this game is really all about the local co op with 2 - 4 players! It requires proper teamwork and you will be shouting at each other constantly and laughing as things inevitably fall apart. The theme and style will even appeal to some non gamers. Only giving it a 9 because of the lack of online or a good single player but as a local co op it's pretty much a 10 IMO. Just an all round good time!

Mandulum, Feb 17, 2018

Five Word Review: Great, intense, frustrating local multiplayer. Favorite Thing: There's a great amount of challenge but the gameplay is simple enough that non-gamers can partake. Least Favorite Thing: Three-staring 6-3! Date Completed: 2018-02-07 Playtime: 8h (100% Complete) Enjoyment: 9/10 Recommendation: For 2-4 players, definitely.

crimsondoor, Sep 17, 2016

Along with Broforce, this is one of the best party games (on PC or not) in recent years. We screamed and laughed so hard! Such a shame it does not have online co-op which is why I gave it a 9 instead of a 10.

Amangar, Apr 21, 2020

Overcooked is probably the best co-op game I??�ve ever played. That being said, I actually didn??�t play much co-op games??� but the feeling remains strong. The game is clearly designed to be fun exclusively by playing with friends and family. This may be a weakness from hardcore solo gamers??� perspective, but only focusing on co-op gameplay clearly strengthened Overcooked design. The gameplay is fluid, easy to learn and in a few minutes, you get to the first weird restaurant, giving a bit of a challenge and making you laugh with its absurd mechanics. And you go on, trying to get all those yellow stars, in a funny and cute environment. The main flaws in my opinion are the lack of some standard features, like online play and multiple saves, and the difficulty curve. This last isn??�t quite bad, but you??�ll have some smashing streaks and suddenly, you??�ll get stuck on a much harder restaurant. The number of levels is quite respectable, as you??�ll rarely get bored. There??�s always a new tweak, whether it be on recipe or restaurant mechanics. I only played as a 3-men squad. This was perfectly fine, very fun and we enjoyed ourselves for something like 15h. The game time will change greatly depending on your wish to get all the stars or not. And your logistical skills of course. I fully recommend this game if you want to have fun with friends!

Zer0TheHer0, Aug 31, 2016

can't redefine keyboard controls.unacceptable.they are very simple,but not being able to redefine them to your needs is not something that can be accepted in this time and age.