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Overlord II Overlord II is the sequel to the warped fantasy action adventure that had players being delightfully despotic. In Overlord II, a new Overlord and a more powerful army of Minions take on an entire empire in a truly epic adventure, inspired by the rise of the Roman Empire. As the Glorious Empire conquers kingdoms and destroys any sign of magic it finds, it's time to go Minion Maximus and send in the horde. The Minions return smarter, deadlier (and funnier) and are ready to fight in large scale battles that will see their wild pack mentality squaring up to the organised legions of the Glorious Empire. As ever, they'll do anything and everything the Overlord commands of them, especially now that they can run ravage and wreck buildings and scenery. They've also learned how to ride: In Overlord II Minions mount up and ride wolves and other magical creatures around the landscape and take them into battle, making our band of merry fighters faster and fiercer than ever before. [Codemasters]
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 81 / 100
User rating
Downloads 2309
Genre Action Adventure, Fantasy, General
Company / Developer
Codemasters / Triumph Studios
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Overlord II reviews ( 6 )

TehL., Jun 25, 2009

Have to give it a straight ten. Awesome idea and game, and loved it to continue playing with my Overlord. I don't understand some critics (could have made ALOT better?) and wish they would be somewhat more objective or realistic. To Byron B.: You're distorting the vote by installing a demo (?) of the game that messed up your system? Game itself works flawlessly for me, and if you don't have directX I don't know how you play other games. Most of them WILL install it without asking, if it isn't already.

GregP, Jul 2, 2009

Like a lot of my friends, I had played the first Overlord and expected this to be a similar game. Having the same ups; fairly straightforward, lots of stuff for completionists, evil fun, and generic childish jokes. This recipee for the first one was a great success but got rather repetative quickly and I stopped playing it. Overlord 2 on the other hand has done away with alot of the boring repatition. You may use the same means to getting the goal (IE possession) but everytime its abit different. Stealth, aggressive, puzzles. This has left me playing this game for hours on end and wanting more. You can really tell how the developers have matured from there previous game and really put something great out. This RPG adventure game is well suited for those that would enjoy some evil humor, single player campaign, and lite puzzle solving.

KarlP, Jun 28, 2009

This game was amazing the controls worked very well and the game was purely fun all the way through. Other then the frustration of losing minions with larger hordes I think this game came out great.

GerardH, Sep 15, 2009

This plays more as an extension of the 1st. It's a solid sequel that is only hampered by amount of new comedy material and how linear it is, although the 2 times the minions break out in song is a ROFL experience. This is a sequel that is definitely more linear than the first. It seems like it could have been MUCH better as a sandbox type of game. Comparatively speaking, the 1st feels real open for the majority of the maps, the 2nd feels like you have 1 path to take. Overall, IGN is extremely wrong and biased in their review.

Mehve, Jun 29, 2009

Fun and quite amusing at times, but a little short. The first time through is quite enjoyable, but since the game's progression is very linear, with the various 'options' more decorative than meaningful, replay value is lower.

ByronB., Jun 24, 2009

DO NOT INSTALL! The Steam installed demo FORCE INSTALLED an invalid DirectX that wasn't at all required, BREAKING MY ENTIRE SYSTEM. No option asking to install it, or even warning with a cancel button: Just "Hey, I'm installing DirectX now into your windows system directory and trashing your entire OS's ability to play any games whatsoever. Enjoy!" I have no idea if the game itself is any good...it really doesn't matter. This company's craptastic software engineers should be fired.... DO NOT FORCE INSTALL CORE *&%!ing LIBS YOU! "Codemasters" my arse, more like Codemonkeys!