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Owlboy Owlboy is a 'hi-bit' adventure game, where you can fly and explore a brand new world in the clouds. Pick up your friends, and bring them with you as you explore the open skies. Overcome obstacles and greater enemies in this detailed adventure.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 90 / 100
User rating
Downloads 2347
Genre Fantasy, Action Adventure, General
Company / Developer
D-Pad Studio / D-Pad Studio

Owlboy reviews ( 7 )

Habbsinator, Nov 2, 2016

I LOVE Owlboy!! I'm only a few hours into this gorgeous adventure, but Otus stole my heart with the first flap of his capewings. The pickup/throw/teleport mechanic is incredibly clever, and gives it a hint of puzzler feel on top of the incredible story telling. The dialogue is witty yet doesnt try to be something it isnt. The controls are intuitive and a breeze to grasp, yet it doesnt feel like I've already mastered everything it can throw at me. If you have any sort of light in your soul, and love a good soundtrack behind an amazing adventure, you cant pick up Owlboy fast enough!!

TikiTy, May 30, 2017

Owlboy is a masterpiece. I started thinking this around 3-4 hours in. The pacing is fantastic, the environments are varied and never get stale. The story is deep enough and dialogue isn't drawn out so the action is never bogged down. There is also quite a bit of humor with the little penguin henchmen who work for the shopkeep. Had me laughing more than most games. Combat for the first few hours of the game wasn't very difficult though it was still very enjoyable and from then on it ramps up in difficulty. The gradual difficulty curve I found to be very smooth so no fight ever really felt out of place. There are zones where you can't just rush through or you will be punished for sure (enemies chase you outside of their screen). My only gripe is the "twist" in the very end is a bit silly and left me thinking a majority of this conflict could have been resolved much earlier if the characters would have communicated better. Great game, I played through it in one day which is very uncommon for me. The last game I spent a whole Sunday playing was Breath of the Wild and before that... who knows.

JLK88, Nov 6, 2016

Very well made story driven adventure game. Whether the game is at full price or on sale snatch it up and give it a run. Recommended to those that could use an old school type game in a modernized package.

Steeldude, Apr 27, 2017

A nice platformer with fun flying mechanics. The graphics looks nice and the sound is also good. But I had the feeling that the story could have been deeper and more characters could have been further developed throughout the game. Other than that, I recommend this title.

Derf3L, Nov 12, 2016

Owlboy is a nice little game. It has a good story, focused on friendship and simple genuine values. It will make you smile and sometimes get a little emotional. The music is very good, almost one of the best sides of the game. The game itself is rather simple, gameplay wise there isn't really much to praise, it doesn't have any personalization/rpg elements that, in my opinion, would have greatly improved the game. The graphics are for nostalgic pixel lovers. Honestly I think they are terrible, there is nothing attractive there and are purposely forced to look like a game from 30 years ago. There are better indie (and non indie) platform games that managed to create awesome graphics (Inside, Limbo, Ori and the B.F., Child of Light, etc.) on a 2D gameplay. For me not really worth the price.

everin, Feb 6, 2017

TIER 3 + Simply and obviously beautiful, with a unique world and style. ? Simple mechanics that are serviceable but don't feel particularly well-executed or fun. - Severe lack of compelling gameplay, short, and with a lot of tedious elements. - Massive focus on collectibles, but doesn't make back-tracking easy a lot of the time.

stop9091, Nov 16, 2016

Imagine: - a Metroidvania with a straight, linear, structure - a platform without challenging screens - an adventure without puzzles - a walking simulator without a compelling story put those all together, and there you go, you have Owlboy. for the first 4/5 minutes of the game, the only thing you do is: - click space for 50/60 times - walk around one screen on the right while listening to a cliched and depressing story about the main character being a complete disaster. This game will probably appeal the same audience who likes typical Disney stories of loser-turns-hero, and/or maybe those ones who feel warm and fuzzy when they see pixelated graphics; the problem is that there are much much better games for every single genre you can frame this game to be. Owlboy fails to be anything, because it doesn't try to be be anything. It's definitely one of the most overrated games I've ever played.