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Pacific Fighters Backed by the Oleg Maddox development team, Pacific Fighters allows you to participate in the most compelling air-war experience ever created! Fly missions for the Allied forces or become an ace pilot for the deadly Japanese empire ? which will you choose? Select from a large variety of flyable aircraft such as the lethal Japanese Zero, U.S. made F6F Hellcat and a variety of British fighter planes. Target enemy ships, vehicles and aircraft on one of the 16 maps featuring famous historic locations. New to the series will be the emphasis on flyable bombers and aircraft-carrier action. [Ubisoft]

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 78 / 100
User rating
Downloads 839
Genre Simulation, Flight, WWII, Combat
Players 1-32
Company / Developer
Ubisoft / 1C, 1C Company

Pacific Fighters reviews ( 4 )

M.Lancer, Mar 25, 2006

Along with the rest of the IL-2 series, this is the best combat flight sim around. Excellent online gameplay, excellent flight models and AI. You dont just point your guns and shoot - you have to manage that plane in every possible aspect - this way a kill is most rewarding. Or you could switch realism off and enjoy a good shootout.

LeoZ., Jan 16, 2005

A must have for combat flight sim enthusiasts. In the tradition of IL-2, but with a new theater of combat and carrier ops. Granted, the menus, briefings, and production values are rough. But if you dig deeper, you'll find a sim that rewards in spades. The time flying to mission objectives could be tedious... if I didn't use the "Skip Time" feature to quickly move to the next waypoint or enemy contact. This feature is not bound to any key by default; a strange decision by 1c. But bind it, use it, learn it, and you will love it. Not for the casual simmer, but rich enough to satisfy the dyed-in-the-wool flyer. If you're looking for an arcade-style shoot-em up with higher production values, I heartily recommend Crimson Skies.

MikeB., Oct 25, 2004

This game is terrible. It takes 40 minutes just to get to wherever the action is in a given mission. The menus suck, the briefings are terrible, the production values are nonexistant. All this game has going for it is the graphics. Screw this game.

Rcoop, Mar 31, 2011

Only one (Japanese) torpedo plane? Because alegedly Ubisoft screwed up the box design and now the US manufacturers are requesting royalties? Tsk tsk tsk. A fantastic aspect of the game totally ruined, regardless of who messed up... Shame!1C! Why go with such an inept publisher?!!