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Pacific Storm: Allies Pacific Storm: Allies offers completely new experiences for those who played and liked Pacific Storm and the most intense hours of gameplay for those who didn't play the original game. Playing either for the United States, Imperial Japan, or a new playable nation - the UK, you walk through a dramatic sequence of large-scale naval and air military operations. The perfect mix of genres remains on this standalone better than ever. Develop weaponry and technologies to improve your units, move your fleet and deploy it in the battlefield and send them to the combat as a general or become a pilot and control one of the planes or ships directly! Enjoy the exceptional depth and scale of the strategic mode, superior authenticity of the tactical mode and exciting dynamics of the simulator. New units to construct, new historical locations to visit, diplomatic system that allows you to form alliances and a brand new version of the engine that brings better graphics than ever... The improved multiplayer system will push the experience of playing with people over internet or under the same local net to the top of the realism. Every scenario, map, and element has been created based on historical archives. [Buka Entertainment]
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 62 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1264
Genre Strategy, Real-Time, Historic, General
Company / Developer
cdv Software , Buka Entertainment / Lesta Studio
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Pacific Storm: Allies reviews ( 4 )

WilliamC, Apr 23, 2008

This is one of the best game I played. Bugs don't really bother me, (Because I didn't have any for months) but in depth gameplay and great graphics makes this game my favorite.

LloydL., Jun 18, 2007

Considering the graphics, gameplay and style this game was produced, i'd say its great and perfect for me coz I love war games, both rts and fps especially air and naval battles.

GaryDT, Jan 24, 2010

minor gameplay issues but overall one of the best WWII naval/air games out there. I do not use the combat interfaces but rather let the AI handle these as I have no decent controllers nor hand eye coordination.

johnrj6, Jun 12, 2015

I really like WW2 pacifc games. The best I have played was PacWar from the late 90s. I decided to give PSA a try as it was very inexpensive (and older) on steam. The game is very clunky with most commands being counter-intuitive. Still the strategic game seemed fun once I got the hang of it. Still clunky like MOO 3. Drill down and do "x" and you can only create groups of ships that are computer approved and so on. Combat, I was hoping was like TF 1942 the old Microprose game. Not quite, graphics were sub par but that was not a big deal for me. What most disappointed me was trying to get your ships and aircraft to do much of anything was terrible and the game always started the two sides facing each other at a distance of about 4 km or so. Now an Iowa should be able to blow a Jap cruiser out of the water with ease. The range on the guns is 25 miles or something. I could never get them to shoot the big guns. And when I got frustrated and let the computer run the game, I end up hearing that my carrier TF with 2 or 3 carriers 3 Iowas and so on was destroyed, to a ship, by some DDs and 2 cruisers that sunk the game for me. Save your money.