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Painkiller: Redemption The player will continue the story of Daniel and Belial as they join forces for the first time to end the bloody conflict between heaven and hell. You will discover all new maps, fight off literally thousands of demonic fiends, and lose yourself in the intense gameplay rounded off with an absorbing heavy metal soundtrack.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 45 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1448
Genre Action, Shooter, First-Person, Modern, Fantasy, Arcade
Company / Developer
DreamCatcher Interactive , JoWooD Entertainment AG / DreamCatcher Interactive
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Painkiller: Redemption reviews ( 7 )

ATG141, Jul 8, 2011

To be honest this was the first game in the painkiler franchise that I played. "oh good" I thought, I can finally see what all the fuss is about. The game is gory, fast paced, the weapons are imaginative, the levels are diverse, and the the enemies are relentless. So why does it bore me? though there are plenty of weapons and all of them with secondary fire but they're all introduced at the start and are almost identical between the two characters that you play as aside from a few. There are allot of enemies but they suffer from the rpg-issue of being reskined. There are a few enemies with special abilities but since you literally kill thousands of enemies every level you will already have them smeared across a nearby wall before they can become a real threat. The arena-like progression almost seems like a rule in the level design. They try to mix it up but every area that you fight enemies in will be in some kind of boring and wide open space. I only recommend painkiller redemption if your a hardcore fan of the series and I don't represent fans but I can't help but feel like even they might be tired of the series since there's four other expansion packs already.

cambria, Feb 28, 2011

My only gripe was that being new to the series, it pretty much just tosses you in after a short text scrolling introduction to the story, and there's no tutorial. After a week, however, the company has released an update with a brief tutorial. Good job, glad to see dedication to fixes! Feels like an old DOOM 2 game, simple, pick up ammo n money, kill everything. Quite fun!

StywoO, Nov 20, 2011


mr_lahey, Jan 5, 2012

This one and the wacked out previous incarnation of PK (Resurrection) are two sides of the same coin. This new one does not have the bugs of many previous ones, especially Resurrection, but it lacks the interesting maps and spooky atmosphere of any of the originals and even the awful Resurrection. Redepemption has none of those mind-blowing, super creepy re-imaginings of what purgatory would be like: instead Redemption takes really bland maps from the originial Painkiller online deathmatch features, pretties them up a bit....and then is just nothing but mindless, repetitive killing. None of the elegant scares of the original - hell even Redemption is better at that. No brain strategy in how to kill these guys. It's just run around and around and fire at a bunch of bots. Part of the dark fun of the original two Painkillers was that sense of revelation and awe at this wild, disturbing world. While Redemption has none of the technical bugs of even the original or subsequent knockoffs - which really fills one with hope for the franchise's future - it has zero imagination. Now if only the crew that did Resurrection and the crew that did this one came together....we might have something cool again.

Iscariote, Feb 27, 2011

This last installment of the PK franchise does surpass previous ones, but it is still far away from the original. You will find yourself fighting endless waves of dozens of simultaneous enemies in small cramped spaces, usually for as long as 10 minutes, then you move to the next room, rinse and repeat, more like a Serious Sam approach if you tell me. The maps are dull, in fact they are recycled deathmatch arenas from previous PK games and somewhat adapted for SP play. To summarize, if you are a true vanilla PK fan, you should still avoid this like hell, and only the bargain bin price mark saves this from being utter rubbish. The devs also promise future free DLC as well as coop implementation, if they get the coop going, this might be worth rechecking.

saleks, Feb 27, 2011

I have played all PK games and like other say this one is a notch better than Resurrection - at least i have not encountered any bugs but still not worthy of time other than training for competition. I got through the first level and it felt OK - good to recall some fun days with razor cube. In the second level all of the game is reduced to running PK weapon in "Pain" mode (the spinning blades) and chop hundreds of weak enemies into crout. The fighting areas are small (smaller than most deathmatch levels) and you don't get enough ammo so very soon your only weapon is the Painkiller. I don't have as much time to waste anymore so I gave up on level 2. If like me you miss the good old original then just replay it and don't waste your time on this new one. I hope the five bucks I spent on PK Redemption will work as decisive vote and someone does a truly worthy sequel to this fantastic franchise.

heterodox, Apr 13, 2015

This game is a horrible, boring, lowest-common-denominator waste of time and money. All it does is lock you in a small, boring room, and throw wave after wave after wave of the same boring enemies at you. If you have spent the amount of time between two blinks on it, you have spent too much. Do something else with your life. Check the mail. Take out the garbage. Wash the car. Mow the lawn. Watch butterflies. Do anything but spend another moment on any aspect of this game.