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Painkiller: Resurrection William "Wild Bill" Sherman, an ex CIA Agent and specialist for dangerous missions in the Black Ops Special Unit has a big problem: during his last job, he has managed to not only kill the head of an illegal drug operation and a slew of innocent civilians, but himself in a fatal mistake. Trapped in a hostile place between heaven and hell, his soul flickers between the millions of faceless infidels and good and evil forces start to use Wild Bill for their own needs. But, it turns out that nothing is as it seemed at the beginning - solve the mystery and give the equilibrium between heaven and hell a little flip! [DreamCatcher]
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 40 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1525
Genre Action, Shooter, First-Person, Fantasy, Arcade
Company / Developer
DreamCatcher Interactive / Homegrown Games
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Painkiller: Resurrection reviews ( 6 )

JanDadan, Oct 3, 2013

It´s a shame that it was rushed out early, I kinda liked the spin the guys put in with the vast, open levels instead of the small, closed areas of the previous games. If you can live with that change in gameplay and the bugs, it´s a pretty good game with damn cool comic sequences.

spartan-117, Mar 5, 2011

Let's see:Graphics-hm...ok...7Sound-Funny...6Music-wow...10Gameplay-Kill everything...vast levels...nice-9Atmosphere-Like hell-8I don't like the cut-scenes and the protagonist...3Weapons-Boring..5Total-7...deserves a 7...

Arkveveen, Nov 22, 2010

Although much time has passed since the release of this game and it's previous installments, I still greatly enjoy this game no matter what problems it possesses. Yes, the game is riddled with bugs, design flaws, and strange 'holes' you'll find in the various areas. It's a game that should of remained as a mod, but I feel that I didn't waste my money with this one, as with the other installments; maybe I'm one of the lucky few who didn't have any of these games crash. It's essentially Painkiller on steroids with nice kick butt music, even bigger battles, and huge open world settings that I find to be epic. I only reccomend this cautiously for true die hard fans like myself. Otherwise, do not buy this game.

BenjiG, Dec 29, 2009

The first Painkiller and the Battle out of hell was very great games and the whole thing is a fantastic idea. For that time. But it starts with Overdose that the game was not stable and the loading times was to long. And somewhere on a level the game was crasht allways and to find update patches, the search to a trustfull contact, nothing at all. I got angry and so i had to stop the game with the hope the future will bring innovations and improvements. But nothing about. The Ressurrection is the same, long loading times, exept the fast loads, there is a message for an update but, as bevore, nobody knows where to get. What a pity, its still a good game and i hope they will not stop with it, but there must be a hand of professionals to intend and then i will hope to the next.

JuanJoséV, Jan 3, 2010

A group of gamers should play games and maybe comment them out. But if you are neither a designer nor a programmer, don't try to earn money selling games like this one. Does not worth the try to pay more than 1

EG, Nov 25, 2009

I loved the first Painkiller, and Battle out of Hell was even better. I saw screenshots and honestly was expecting (and looking forward to) more of the same, but DAMN.. The engine has not been improved at all in five years except for adding a poor bloom, there is little to no new content (I recognize nearly every enemy and every weapon from the first game, and one or two from Overdose), and the level designs are buggy -- many, many surfaces without a texture and in one of the levels you can very easily leave the entire level area. The second level has some cool environments like the ones I loved in the first game, but it's the only one. They tried making the levels less linear and more open, which would work in any other kind of game, but anyone who's played Painkiller knows how poorly that would work in it. In short, looks, feels and plays like a mod. The only reason I bought it was because if I preordered through Steam, it was $27 for it, Overdose and Painkiller -- $9 a game, not too bad. Still, I almost regret it.