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Painkiller You play as Daniel Garner, a seemingly regular guy who as just been killed in a horrific car accident. Trapped in a dark and unwelcoming world between heaven and hell, you struggling to uncover the reasons why you've been denied entry into heaven. Awaiting your purification, you must fight through a seemingly endless number of demon soldiers as you to attempt to stop an imminent unholy war. [DreamCatcher Interactive]
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 83 / 100
User rating
Downloads 3828
Genre Action, Shooter, First-Person, Fantasy, Arcade
Players 1-16
Company / Developer
DreamCatcher Interactive / People Can Fly
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Painkiller reviews ( 6 )

NicenV., Aug 14, 2008

Don`t be fooled by ppl who have no idea. If u love fps , if u love action and straight forward shooting you u r right here. NO lame "we are so great we have a physic" stuff from HL2. Pure FPS Fun.

Firmar, Aug 13, 2010

Bloody massacre coupled with unusual weapons. One of the first big titles with Havok physics. This is most unexpected game which rightfully earned AAA status in gamers' minds shortly after release.

SmuqeQ., Jun 7, 2004

Very good game. The graphics are great, and monsters look great. It's also nice to see those skeleton guys takin those fatso shooters as shield. And, it's fun to watch when enemies suddenly begin to fight each other. Well, anyways this game is great.. But those who want something more than a brainless shooting, leave this game in the shop.

SimonB., Aug 16, 2006

[***SPOILERS***] It happened. After all these years of saying no to my Doc, I finally took a Painkiller, and it was good. You are a normal man, Daniel. You die in a car crash and Gabriel (an angel of heaven) tells you that you need to do some mass murdering for heaven in a world called Purgatory. Okay, storyline-wise, I won't argue, this game is very poor. Why an 8 if I begin on such a low tone? Well... A while ago, Doom was born. Doom 1, I mean. Doom 1 was all about opening a door and finding a room full of frenzy beasts awaiting to fester or plant bullets on your flesh. Painkiller takes that back and blends it together for an exotic cocktail of gore and action. There is nothing to be scared of, nothing to be impressed about (aside from the towering bosses). Only, every once in a while ,you might get a satisfied smirk from blowing some ennemies to bits and finding nothing but gibs and blood on the walls around you. Purgatory is set out in five different worlds with different chapters. Every world puts you through great graphic architecture and endless killings of ennemies. There is absolutely NO story-telling aside from the introduction. You run around, shoot stuff and watch the ragdoll physics do their job on them as you've either taken them down or blown them to whatever hell they came from. This game reminds us old-school FPS fans of what FPS were a while back: Continuous massacres of hundreds of hordes of demons that just keep coming. All in all; This is by no means a deep game, nor something close to F.E.A.R or anything with a scenario and intelligent ennemies. But it -is- a true FPS in the likes of Serious Sam and games where you spend most of your time just killing and NEVER asking questions later. If you're the kind to not want to play a game but just see what happens around it, don't play Painkiller. But if you're the kind to enjoy being the "center of attraction", you'll love this game.

KaneC., Feb 3, 2007

Good game, yah sure it gets a lil repetitive, but the ambient sounds are the shit, and the guns are cool. the gameplay is pretty fun and multiplayer is fun 2.

MikkoA., May 2, 2004

I wanted to give this game 1 point for some nice graphics in some places, but refused to do so. The gameplay is simply awful and the main character is the most clumsiest character I've ever controlled. Did I already say that the gameplay is awful? Well, saying it again doesn't hurt. Also, after 1 hour of fragging skeletons jumping from the ground and seeing that the game is nothing else, you don't wanna continue playing, you want to delete this crap from taking the space from your harddisk. I HAD high hopes for the multiplayer and well.. The only time I had fun, was exploring the map. The fragging itself was the most awful multiplayer experience I've seen. Only a few very boring weapons and did I mention the awful gameplay and character control? Oh yea, third time. Doesn't hurt to mention it again. Let me put it this way, AVOID THIS PIECE OF JUNK!