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Pathologic 2 Pathologic 2 is an Open World Survival Horror game where you fight against a devastating plague. As the only sane medic around, save the town before it's fully consumed.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 70 / 100
User rating
Downloads 105
Genre Action Adventure, Survival
Players No Online Multiplayer
Company / Developer
tinyBuild / Ice-Pick Lodge, tinyBuild
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Pathologic 2 reviews ( 5 )

GlydeV, Jul 14, 2020

An exceptional game with exceptional systems that can make morally complex scenarios other games just script, other games will force you to feel sad about some random dude the game forced you to kill, pathologic 2’s systems can create natural scenarios where you can consider to do many morally bad choices just to survive and that is where the game shines where others try, it’s not a game where you can make a perfect run, nor you can complete every quest there is in the map nor you can save every character, it tries to be more than many games from the market and wants to create a hard but engaging experience. This is one of the best games that utilizes difficulty to tell a story, to create a terrifying ambient, to empathize with the people and to make you fear the spread of the pest, and there are many things you can talk about this game this review would be enormous. If you want to play the game, TRY IT, it’s a hard game and I can comprehend that there are some people that can’t simply play the game in the intended way but if you can play the intended difficulty, play it that way, you will die many times but don’t worry, it is something natural and the game expects you to die, the maximum theme of the game I can argue is failure and to succeed even in the worst situation. Only one thing before you play the game, DO NOT EVER MAKE THE FELLOW TRAVELLER’S DEAL AFTER DYING TO MUCH.

TanSula, May 23, 2019

Это именно тот Мор, который мы ждали. Я очень рад, что в России ещё делают игры такого уровня.

Diablo4, Mar 25, 2020

This is the most unusual game in the world. Such games have never been, never will be. You will surely never see this again, anywhere. This is the best Russian game ever.

aloneonjupiter, Oct 26, 2019

Pathologic 2 is not without its issues. I'll get those out of the way quickly, so I can get on to explaining why I still esteem the game so highly. First and worst, combat is as clunky as it was in the original game. But where Pathologic 1 mitigated that with quicksaves, Pathologic 2 has a far more limited save system and permanent death penalties. Those penalties were, in my opinion, a misstep on the developers' part. They discourage exploration and experimentation in a game that otherwise encourages - or even demands - those very things. The ability to learn through death, rather than fearing and shunning it, would have felt much more congruent with the rest of the game. Then there is the system by which named NPCs can become infected and die of the plague. A system that feels, too often, like it is completely out of the player’s control. While I'm sure that's part of the point, the plague is implacable, untameable, it is still a system in a game. If the player is to be motivated to interact with that system, they need to feel that their efforts are at least making some difference. As an experiment, one day I made my rounds, treated everyone as best I could, and waited to see what results midnight would bring. I then reloaded a recent save, took a nap instead...and got the exact same results. The same people lived or died, were infected or remained healthy. A system like that, in which the player's best efforts and complete inaction can produce the same results, is not one that encourages the player to bother with it at all. Now. With all that said, let's talk about how Pathologic 2 is still an excellent game and well worth your time. The writing is some of the best I’ve ever experienced in a game. The people of the town, whether on your 'side' or not, are sympathetic and genuine. To your benefit or not, or without you in mind at all, they act according to their own fears and goals and convictions. This sense of reality extends to the player character. He isn't a bland conduit through which the player can interrogate NPCs. He brings his own beliefs and history to each situation, so the player is always learning about him. He brings his own moods, but a player immersed in the experience will likely feel as he does, so the dialogue options come naturally. And, perhaps most importantly, conversations flow. From one choice to the next, to a sensible conclusion. Again, no looping back to an interrogatory list of questions. It feels as though you are actually talking to people, as a person. Something sorely lacking in most games with interactive dialogue. The atmosphere is also wrought perfectly. Ice-Pick Lodge excels at creating a very specific feeling - that of something unique, precious whether or not it is good, disappearing forever. A very autumnal sense of nostalgia and loss. The town, visually and aurally, is always communicating this sense to you. It is, itself, something unique and precious that will never be the same once - if? - this storm passes. On the more strictly gameplay-mechanical side of things, the synergy between resource management and time management is gripping. Food, water, medicine, a safe place to sleep, places to be, things to do. It immerses you even more deeply in the world and character, and makes the game very difficult to walk away from. There's always the sense that you'll be able to breathe easier if you just find a bit more food, or complete this task, treat this person, make it back to your hideout, or at least through this infected district...the next thing you know, it's two in the morning, and you can't sleep anyways because your thoughts are still walking the streets of the infected town. All that is why I heartily recommend Pathologic 2, despite its faults. Some of the systems weren't as tight or satisfying as they could have been, but the characters rang true, from the urchins in the warehouses to the town and the plague itself. The world felt real and important, the player’s choices plausible and emotionally difficult. What Ice-Pick Lodge does best, they do BEST, and I hope they can continue doing it for many years to come.

BulgarianCritic, Sep4, 2019

An incredibly boring game before you can even reach anything exciting you need to pass through these artsy scenes that are just tedious and boring and loads of text that barely provides anything useful.The creators tried to create something artistic and visually good but they failed miserable at it.The gameplay is lacking and the optimization is incredibly bad.I was so excited for this game and was also expecting that you will be able to play and choose from 3 characters like they promised but that was a lie and you only play as 1 character.The survival aspect is really badly done and you can barely reach any point in the story if you are not fully stacked with food,water and medicine.The game tries to be bizzare but it only comes out as annoying and pretentious.The first game was amazing but this one is just dull. Reading the other reviews, people seem to think this game is doing something ground breaking. I didn't see it. Other games are grim, surreal, difficult, have good dialogue, have plot lines that should be avoided, etc... It's all been done before with varying degrees of success. Ultimately, I say skip it. Save your money. If you would like to put yourself through tedium with at least some tangible payout, pick up a few late night shifts at work. At least you'll make some money at the end instead of waste it.