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Pearl Harbor: Zero Hour Pearl Harbor: Zero Hour has simple arcade-style controls that provide a fun, absorbing game. Thrill to combat in the air, on land, and at sea as you fight Japanese forces in 10 missions drawn from the actual Pacific campaign of World War II, including the Battle Of Midway and Guadalcanal. [Simon & Schuster Interactive]

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 57 / 100
User rating
Downloads 976
Genre Simulation, Flight, WWII
Players 1-8
Company / Developer
Simon & Schuster / Zono Inc.

Pearl Harbor: Zero Hour reviews ( 2 )

Cyndasaur, Feb 28, 2015

A game I absolutely loved as a child. The missions were exciting and the music was great. However, the camera angle made it a major pain to land, the graphics were below average and some of the missions are rock hard. Dog fighting is basically nonexistent and it can take a while to get back into the fight once you die. It's fun, but nothing to pay for in this day and age.

BobG., Jan 30, 2005

Pearl Harbor-Zero Hour was one of my favorite WW2 simulation games .....until I tried to reinstall it on my computer. It keeps stating "cannot initialize 3D". Simon and Schuster are out of PC Game business now, so where do I go??? Anywho (, S&S producing PC games is about equal to John Deere manufacturing Computers!.......If I can ever reinstall the game, I would probably rerate it a 9 or 10 due to its novel approach of flying your aircraft suspended in the air about 500 feet above it (which eases the pain if you're shot down by the bad guys or run out of fuel before you can reorient yourself on returning home. ( I recall hearing about the American pilot who, having had a great day shooting down six enemy aircraft, sinking a cruiser, and leaving a battleship badly damaged, landed his plane on an aircraft carrier, sharply saluted the commander and reported his which the commander responded..."Vellie good Yank, but you make one slight mistakee!"