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Penarium Penarium is a frantic 2D arena arcade game in which you take on the role of quirky antihero, Willy. Willy is trapped in a crazy circus show where he needs to run, jump, and avoid an array of killer death-traps while being cheered on by a sadistic crowd that’s out for blood — his blood. [Self Made Miracle]
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 82 / 100
User rating
Downloads 940
Genre Action, General
Company / Developer
Team 17 / Self Made Miracle
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Penarium reviews ( 2 )

Artoorzyn, Jul 12, 2016

Naprawdę hardkorowa produkcja, ale też dająca masę frajdy. Smoki będą mi się śnić po nocach. ;) Really hardcor game, but it gives a lot of fun. The dragons will be mine nighhtmares. ;)

TitaniumDragon, Feb 6, 2016

A hardcore 2D platform hell game full of fake difficulty and only two hours long even at that, this game is really not worth your time. In the campaign mode, the levels are mostly very similar; the main difference tends to be what obstacles are thrown at you, and on occasion, a few alternate tasks to complete. You are subjected to drowning, platforms being blown up, the obstacles being moved around on you, rhythmically crushing walls, dragons that burst out of the wall in long parabolic arcs that you must avoid, and numerous other things. The levels themselves are very small – a single screen wide – and they loop around the edges, so you can jump from the right side of the screen to the left and vice-versa. Your goal is to clear all thirty of these levels. If you die during them, you must start that level over again; most of the levels are very short, but even still, they are broken up into multiple (3-4) sections; the longer levels have as much as 10 sections, and can be kind of frustrating to start over. Even still, even with this artificially lengthened gameplay time, it still takes two hours to beat. You do learn to get better at the game, which leads to the somewhat strange situation where you are likely to struggle the most with the levels more towards the middle of the game than the ones at the very end, as the difficulty only changes modestly, and there are only a very limited number of platform setups throughout the entire game. After you beat those levels, you’re done and the game is over. You can play the arcade mode, which is more of the same but gives you coins which you can use to buy cards which give you minor bonuses periodically in the arcade mode. It is endless, and you can try to survive and get a high score, but it is pretty repetitive and not very entertaining. There is just nothing to recommend here. The graphics are unappealing, the levels are bland, boring, and repetitive, the game is incredibly short and yet still too long for the amount of content it has… This game is not only not worth your money, it is not worth your time.