Penny Arcade Adventures: Episode Three Crack/Patch

Penny Arcade Adventures: Episode Three The Startling Developments Detective Agency springs into action as On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness 3 begins, set in motion by a call from a mysterious source. The ever escalating perils on the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness will season our tender heroes to their very core!

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 79 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1608
Genre Role-Playing, Adventure, General, Console-style RPG, Japanese-Style
Company / Developer
Zeboyd Games / Zeboyd Games

Penny Arcade Adventures: Episode Three reviews ( 7 )

MrAertt5, Jun 9, 2013

There's something about this game... I just can't stop playing. Retro RPG, funny dialogue, senseless battles... (a dinosaur in a suit, a guy in a walrus) For the price it is, it's a experience you should not miss.

EUPOLEMOS, Dec 3, 2014

I was waiting for decades for a good game that will give me a Final Fantasy 6 feeling.This is it.It has also Cthulhu mythology intergrated.The game is fun.I give it a general score of 95 because I reserve the 100 for penny Arcade 4 which is even better.

pospulsar99, Jul 5, 2012

As a fan of old school Final Fantasy / Dragon Warrior style RPGs, I had a blast with this game... all and all it lasted me about 11 hours of game play (which is decent for a 5$ game), not a moment of which I didn't enjoy. They took the best aspects of the old games (thinking about what an enemy might be weak against, tweaking classes and equipment, etc) and removed some of the garbage (having to stop and heal after EVERY fight... having to constantly re-purchase consumables... etc). Would highly recommend this to anyone who grew up on NES/SNES RPGs. Well worth the price of admission.

ThePalmtopTiger, Dec 19, 2012

As a big fan of 16bit JRPGs this game brought me a lot of joy. It was really a fantastic entry and featured a lot of cool and unique classes (jobs for you Final Fantasy players) which can be mixed and matched for a large number of character/class combinations. This game is also entirely independent of the previous 2 episodes and provides a perfect place for jumping in. The classes are each very unique, ranging from a "tank" class which allows a character to taunt and draw aggro from enemies while their allies do massive damage, to a class which allows your character to transform in to various dinosaurs. The characters and enemies are all very well designed as well. On to my gripes; the game is insanely easy for the most part. If you know what you're doing then you shouldn't lose to any boss more than once. If you do get stuck however, there is a problem. There is a finite number of battles, which means you can't grind to higher levels and make the game easier for yourself. Another problem, the game is incredibly linear. If you were looking for a Squaresoft-type world map, then you'll be sorely disappointed, the game is pretty much on rails. Because it is so linear, it is also very short, I finished it in under 11 hours. That being said, the game is incredibly polished, and if you take it for what it is, it is a fun adventure. The game just got its first DLC (which I have yet to try.) Supposedly the game will continue receiving regular updates, so if you're worried about the short game length, that might change in the coming months. At a 5USD price point, it is well worth it.

krkbomb, Jul 14, 2012

For $5 this game is an absolute steal. It comes with two other (very similar) games also. Old-school JRPG fans should find this to be a novel take on the genre. If you are not into JRPG then this may be a bit weird. The writing is freaking HILARIOUS, although at one point in the plot near the end I became utterly lost. Won't spoil anything but there was some kind of twist that I still don't comprehend what happened or why. Gameplay-wise, compared to other JRPGs this is especially slow. EVERY fight, even minor ones, seemed to involve tons of build up. Unlike other games, you don't start with a big pool of MP you then use to cast spells. Instead, you start with 0 MP (by default), and earn 1 MP at each round start. So basically you have to save up MP if you want to cast big spells. Interesting system, but it severely slows the early game (beginning of battles I mean) in favor of REALLY INCREDIBLY over-powering you in the end-game (end of each battle). By the time all your preparations in the early game pay off, the fight becomes completely trivial and dull. Nevertheless, this game is still better than most modern RPG's in my opinion. For the price, I would not pass this up.

lindethier, Jul 3, 2012

I was surprised at how much I am enjoying this game. The retro graphics and JRPG gameplay are very fun, and the improvements they have made to cut back on item micromanagement makes the the game keep a smooth pace. I love having my party auto heal after every battle, and I love the items being used on a per battle basis. The writing is entertaining. I'm about 3-4 hours in and am happy to have picked this up.

kuehnau, Sep 3, 2012

Penny Arcade's On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness franchise has faced problems in the past, add into the fact that the game's development has now been passed on to a different company and you have yourself an interesting predicament. The major differences from Penny Arcade's On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness 3 to the rest of the games in the franchise is going from a 3D adventure RPG to classic style, 16-bit era console RPG. Unlike the previous two games, you, as a player do not directly participate as a character, as you did the last two games. The graphics are "good" for the game, anyone knows that at the end of their life span, the Super Nintendo put out some truly mesmerizing 16-bit RPGs, some of the best art I have ever seen in that era of gaming. Unfortunately this game isn't one of them, it's a mix between Final Fantasy 5 and Final Fantasy 6. The art isn't terrible, but it could have been a lot better. It kind of reminds me of those cheap RPG Maker games. The combat is generally slow and tedious, I constantly find myself wishing there was a way to fast-forward though the fights. They try to make it more interesting by adding random rules to some fights, like double damage, or "everyone starts off with 7 mp", but in the end, it doesn't really add to the gameplay. The game has shops in this version, but everything is so expensive, you won't find yourself going there very often. Unlike a lot of RPGs in the era they are trying to replicate, there are very few items. Many classic RPGs in the early and late 90's had tons of items to collect, buy and sell. In this one, you get, a dozen, at best. There is a class system, but I find myself using the same classes over and over again. They try to be funny and unique with their concept of classes, but a lot of the times, I find myself just asking "why?". A lot of the character classes are really almost non-functional. You level up in this game, but not as the characters. Your base stats stay the same, instead you level up classes as you progress through the game by collecting experience points, this unlocks new skills and abilities. In order to actually enhance base stats at all, you have to collect items, which are few, far between and crazy expensive. It gives the feeling of character growth a very slow and tedious task. The game is also really, really linear. There are a very few sparse spots where you can travel off the beaten path, for a few moments, but it all quickly leads back to the main game. I feel like I am being forced at gun point to progress the main story and just get it over with. Does anyone else remember the engrossing games of the 16-bit era with multiple stories, multiple endings, and all of the extra stuff you could do? In the end, it's a pretty basic RPG, they try to do some things to spice the game up, but it just isn't doing it for me. In trying to replicate the concept of a classic 16-bit RPG, they actually emulated the bottom of the barrel RPGs, they did a mediocre job and produced a mediocre RPG. They could have done a lot more with it, they just didn't.