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Penumbra: Black Plague Penumbra: Black Plague is a creepy and dark psychological horror experience featuring the adventures of Philip as he sets of in search of his dead father. Trapped in a shadowy, underground complex, intrepid explorer Philip is determined to discover the truth behind his father's disappearance. Surrounded by enemies and assaulted by terror from all sides, Philip must collect clues and solve vexing puzzles while combating the gnawing psychological terrors that assail his mind and threaten to strip him of his sanity. Can Philip master his fear and finally uncover the truth behind a mystery that has haunted him for a lifetime? Only you can decide. [Paradox Interactive]
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 80 / 100
User rating
Downloads 2540
Genre Action Adventure, Horror, Survival
Players 1 Player
Company / Developer
Paradox Interactive / Frictional Games
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Penumbra: Black Plague reviews ( 7 )

O.C.H, Feb 8, 2009

One of the best horror games for the PC. The puzzles are clever, the story is amazing, and it is very scary. Highly recommended for Overture lovers, and you should get Requiem after this. Did I mention it was scary? ;)

bumblebee, Dec 21, 2014

The game carry's on from where you left off from the game before Overture. The game has a brilliant story, very very scary. There are new monsters and there not dogs there harder to get away. They look a bit like the Amnesia monster. When the game ends it makes you want to play the sequel right away to see what happens next.

Mendozacheers, Aug 27, 2010

Nothing is as exciting as looking forward playing through a horror game on a rainy night with a buddy. That's what i did, someday i will replay them alone but playing it with company is a great way since you can figure out puzzles twice as fast. With the same game atmosphere as Overture, Black Plague goes even scarier and a bigger experience. Totally worth playing. The atmosphere will get sort of ruined in the end of the game, more than that i cant say.

CarlV, Sep 7, 2009

I had already said great things about the first game, Penumbra Overture. So the second blew me away. Black Plague did everything Overture had accomplished and made it better, tweaking all the flaws from the first like the incredibly awkward combat. It also more then triples the scare factor of the game, replacing simple animals that were already dreadful with a horrifying new breed of danger. The game's story isn't going to win it an award by itself, and some people complain about the ending. I on the other hand, perhaps being a bit more flexible with plot, found the story memorable and thought provoking. Coupled with an atmosphere that is so dark, chilling and gripping that the game demands to be played fully emersed; at night, lights off. The graphics aren't amazing, but as the name of the series hints *Penumbra: The small area of light surrounded by darkness* , this is not so much about graphics as the lighting. The shadows easily hide the sins of the outdated graphics and while the lighting is amazing, it is rarely reassuring in the gritty, claustrophobic environment that is "The Shelter". Coupled with some underrated script and voice acting, not to mention immersive sound that leaves you jumping at every little noise that goes "bump", the game becomes a very frightening world for your character to explore, run and hide in. I bought this game for 5 dollars when it was on sale. Best 5 dollars ever spent. If you're a fan of horror, do not miss this game. The only reason I gave it a 9 out of 10 instead of a full out 10 is because the game isn't for everyone and it didn't smash down the definitions of adventure/puzzle games and set them anew. But it excels at what it sets out to do and creates not so much a game as more an experience, if not an utterly terrifying one. It's simply an amazing hidden gem in a sea of games. Not everyone will find it or even appreciate it, but that makes it all the more savoring for people like me who have discovered it.

xZippy, Dec 2, 2012

And the series just keeps moving upward. Overture is a very good game, but Black Plague is a few steps up. The clever writing, characters, scares and atmosphere is still there. The puzzles are still well done. Anyone who enjoyed Overture has no reason to not enjoy this one.

squidgee, Jan 6, 2014

The game is still lacking in the graphics department when compared to Overture and once again, while the sound effects are used well, they don't sound very realistic. I guess this is somewhat understandable due to Frictional's relatively low budget, but the game''s initial presentation still could've been improved with some more polish. Otherwise, this game can be regarded as a straight upgrade from Overture, because combat is gone and the tension and suspense is heightened to a whole new level. This is probably one of the scariest games I've played and in terms of gameplay, it's quite a thrilling experience.

tech-noir, Jan 3, 2012

Penumbra: Black Plague is quite simply, a continuation of Penumbra: Overture. It might as well be considered one single game. The engine seems to be the same used in the first game, and most mechanics are identical. The atmosphere continues to be dark and creepy, with the addition of some new surprises that surface throughout. Everything is basically the same, with only the plot and storyline developing further. The one major improvement in comparison to Overture is the amount of thrills found in this iteration. There seems to be more action and more atmosphere overall, which makes the game more enjoyable, more creepy and a bit more scary. The story progression isn't as interesting or original as in the first game, but at least it has much more detail and much more depth. The voice acting also continues its high quality performances. Loading times are atrocious and much longer than in the first game, which tests patience. Some of the puzzles included in this game aren't as logical as in the first. The unintuitive puzzles are more complicated and mostly involve trial and error during a particular segment of the adventure. There are also more absurdly hidden items and mechanisms, which makes this game much more difficult in terms of its playability as an adventure game. There is also more interaction between the player and other characters in the story, which quickly dissolves the feeling of being a solitary person in a creepy and scary locale. The developers decided to get rid of the melee combat instances completely (found in the first game), which I agree is for the best and makes the game more tense and more fluid. There are way too many interruptions for plot development voice acting. Without ruining the experience with spoilers, I will say that these voice acting pauses occur almost at any given time, without a focus on storyline turning points. They can get a bit distracting at times. Not having the ability to engage your enemies in melee combat makes the game so much more tense and exciting. The ending is very good and adds to the story rather well. Penumbra: Black Plague is better than Penumbra: Overture in every way, as it corrected some of the developers' mistakes and made the gaming experience more enjoyable as a whole. This is clearly the best adventure game I have ever played; totally exceeding Penumbra: Overture. Once again, the game runs a little bit short, but I suppose it is of adequate length after all, since it is an adventure game with lots of theme and mood. I am now looking forward to the third part in the series. It took me about 8 hours to complete.