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Phantaruk Phantaruk combines survival horror with adventure and stealth mechanics. Expect true shivers down your spine as you fight for your life not only facing the dangers of the Purity-02 spaceship, but most of all - when you try to get rid of toxins continually destroying you from the inside.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 55 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1122
Genre Action Adventure, Survival
Company / Developer
PlayWay / Polyslash
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Phantaruk reviews ( 6 )

MaxMarcunsens, Aug 17, 2016

Phantaruk is a small horror game with a nice story and visuals. The tension is great but there is only a few jumpscares. As a let's player I enjoyed the moments with monster chasing me through the corridors.

gerryrobinson78, Aug 17, 2016

There is nice story, very good music (shame there is not ost to buy separetely). Monster is scary. Really nice horror and cheap in addition. I think that you can buy it, if only you don't want to have everything like in Alien: Isolation with $10 price.

ChrisPL, Aug 17, 2016

Short survival horror with a lot of potential. I liked the atmosphere, I liked the storytelling. I enjoyed its pace and scary moments. But I gotta be fair here - it needs some polish.

gunmangun0, Aug 17, 2016

Phantaruk is a sci-fi horror game aspiring to be like Alien Isolation or SOMA. To be honest: its much smaller game than his AAA cousins but still awesome as a indie horror. Nice story and mood, a few leaks in gameplay.

Amir-Hadzi, Aug 24, 2016

Game where you are being chased by some terrible monster that wants to kill you... Oh wait this reminds me of something, wait i know every horror survival game out there. My comparison aside this game is a survival horror with some stealth elements made by Polyslash indie studio. Something that makes this game stand out from every survival horror is your toxin meter where you have to use antidote to lower your toxin levels. Ship is the area you play in and it has some minor design flaws but it's very nice looking. The biggest issue in this game is AI, i don't think it's bad but game would have been better if events were scripted because suspense builds up with ambient then that mosnter wanders and sees you and all that suspense is lost, maybe first few times you are going to get scared but later it's just going to be boring. Game looks very good, fine enemy design and a good handling of horror element building suspense instead of a jumpscare around every corner. Phantaruk has a lot of good elements but the thing why i rated it lower then some might expect is it's similarity with other games of the genre and lack of innovation. To summarise it: Phantaruk is a game with a decent story, good enemy design, fine soundtrack, game looks nice but it's more or less same with every other sci-fi survival horror out there. If you are a fan of sci-fi survival horror games like SOMA you should find this game very enjoyable and interesting while if you aren't a big fan of survival horror games you won't really find it enjoyable. For the price tag Phantaruk is a cheap quality game

BobbyJohnson, Aug 17, 2016

I enjoyed this one - good storytelling, great ambience, cool spaceship interiors. Not much to do besides hiding and reading notes, but it was good enough to enjoy it while it lasted. And the game is about 4 hours long which for me is an advantage - I like short titles that need an evening or two to finish.