Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds Crack With Serial Key

Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds. Enjoy fast and frantic arcade-style beat 'em up gameplay with cute characters. Beat up hordes of weird enemies with awesome special attacks. Local co-op and PVP supported for up to 4 players.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 66 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1108
Genre Action, Beat-'Em-Up, 2D
Company / Developer
Degica / Mages.
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Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds reviews ( 4 )

ShiroOu, Jul 17, 2015

Mechanically alone this game would be worth enough to recommend for brawler's fans thanks to the skill based and well refined combat system. Add this to the cute and unique characters (there's a lot of them), art direction and the challenging boss fights make of this a remarkable entry in the gender. Even if you are not fond of the anime aesthetic if you have enjoyed your time with TMNT and Battle Toads in the past I'm sure this will be a pleasant addition to your game library. PS: About the multiplayer complaint, it isn't valid since local multiplayer was available on day one and that was the advertised in the steam store page: Local multiplayer.

Nugginator, May 2, 2016

Very fun brawler with in depth combat the feels almost like a fighting game,surprising customization with the skill tree, cool characters amazing graphical design and feel

5wshrzyf, May 28, 2015

10/10 It's like if Scott Pilgrim, and Madoka Magica had a baby, and that baby had an offspring with Neon Genisis Evangelion. Each characters story lasts for about two hours, there are plenty of characters to unlock, I don't think I have them all unlocked either. Lots of different game modes, a killer sound track, and a story just as confusing as any other Japanese story. You'll love it.

RoofieColada, Jul 16, 2015

They advertised multiplayer function, even showed multiplayer clips in there video on steam. But after purchasing I came to find out that the multiplayer will not be available till at least winter2015, it is currently july2015. This is blatant false advertising, clearly bait and switch, and is criminal no matter how you look at it. This game was purchased strictly for the multiplayer co-op and that is clearly not going to happen until the dev feels like delivering the product they promised. So my option are A) get a refund on a game from steam that was less then the cost of a burger. B) consider legal action for a game that cost less then a 5 dollar fill up at kfc. C)keep the game and ever right to b*$#h, whine, piss, and moan about this crime. Letting everyone know about the developers complete, total, and reprehensible lack of any morals, or care for there customers.......I think I will take option c.