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Pid Pid is a unique platforming adventure game from Might and Delight.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 65 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1666
Genre Action, Platformer, 2D
Company / Developer
Might and Delight / Might and Delight
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Pid reviews ( 7 )

drunkenmuse, Nov 1, 2012

The studio was partly responsible for Bionic Commando Rearmed, and although I was never a big fan of that game, I love PID. Joining the ranks of Bastion, Limbo and Braid - this game is one of my favourite XBLA releases to date. It's beautiful to behold, controls flawlessly (played using a 360 controller) and the soundtrack is AMAZING. The game echoes a lot of old school platformers but bring the premise to more modern standards.

DrPir, Jan 3, 2016

Hard but very fun and unique! In a world with boring AAA releases Pid stands out as one of the downright best indies of the late 7th generation. This game could rival the best Mario games. The art style is pretty sweet too, will keep playing.

No3Mole, Nov 16, 2012

Everything about this game has it headed fast toward my list of personal classics. Immediately, the aesthetic is phenomenal. The graphical style is at once endearing and friendly, and dark and menacing. This is all accompanied by a soundtrack consisting mostly of this somber sort of jazz, the kind of sweet, slow sound that might make you imagine a coffeehouse at night or a smokey speakeasy. I all feels sort of dreamlike and eerie and draws you into its haze, but it never once feels out of place within its own world. Moving on to the actual gameplay, most of the puzzles are pretty interesting. Each new mechanic is introduced in a clever way before throwing you into a room that uses it, so you should never be rushing into a section that features something that you have absolutely no understanding of. The way the elements combine can often present you with a plethora of options for getting around a given obstacle, but amazingly without making the game feel simple. Even with all of your options, it feels challenging fairly frequently. Of course, the punishment for making mistakes is generally just returning to a checkpoint, which is only pertinent in the middle of a tough boss battle, when you have to restart after making an error. I would not consider this a downside, however; a great deal of the game's purpose is exploration and trying new things yourself, so punishing you severely for some idea not working would hamper the feel of this one big time. The combat (destroying enemies) is mostly based on using the environment to your advantage, which I'm always a big sucker for. There are bombs and such to deal direct damage, but you can only carry a handful, and fresh pickups of the attack items aren't exactly common. The platforming portion of the game does, I have to admit, come with its flaws. The controls aren't super tight; Kurt (your hero) is a pudgy little bugger, which you are often reminded of by his occasionally frustrating momentum. For the most part, your momentum making the controls feel loose isn't something that kills the game. It just takes a little time to understand that you have to be kissing a wall to stick directly to it instead of falling through your gravity beam, or that turns aren't exactly instant. There are two things that do get very irritating, however. When you have some extra hits, there is virtually no invulnerability time, but you do a little knock-back move. The end result is that it's very easy to get stun-locked; expect to lose all of your armour instead of just a peg if you get hit. Second, is that the burst beam item you get later is a touch dodgy. For regular use, it's fine, but there a couple puzzles that require precision and timing with it, which is fine. What is not fine is seeing the visual effect indicating that you did exactly what you were supposed to do, but seeing that it simply didn't take. Nothing is worse in a game than seeing that you did something optional and very difficult correctly and not receiving your dues for your success. Now, recommending this game is tricky. It really takes someone who likes to get lost in that kind of strange, stylized atmosphere, and liking both puzzle games and platformers is important as well. Anyone who meets all of these criteria, though, should find themselves engrossed and mesmerized by PID.

conserd, Sep 28, 2013

Don't expect a perfect platformer expect a charming interesting world with gorgeous graphics a sweeping score and unfortunately some bland sections and over the top difficulty.

peterjson, Sep 8, 2015

The graphics is nice and animations are done well. The co-op mode works really good. Boss fights are hard, but mostly fair. The only problem I have with this game is that I prefer when platforming is tight and puzzles are hard. In this game, the controls could be a bit more responsive and puzzles could be a lot harder. Still, it's worth playing and has enough content if you can willing to give it time.

ThePCGamer101, Jun 24, 2015

An absolute adorable game, with nice animation and nice music to relax you with some puzzles and platforming. Kinda reminds me of Deadlight but without any zombies, just... robots. But be warned! It can get boring really quickly, and me personally, I got so bored that I removed it from my PC which is a shame because the art looks nice... I mean who on earth would make a puzzle platformer this difficult 9 hours long!?!

Prfct, Jun 26, 2013

Well... this is the most beautiful and most frustrating game I've ever played... the 3d graphics are excellent and they were the only thing that kept me pushing forward. Whoever was level designer for this should be shot in the head and burned. At times it feels like Mario Frustration all over again... it's not about difficult puzzles or clever mechanics... you always know what you have to do... but executing it is frustrating and awful. The achievements are probably impossible to get too... all constelations? all souvenirs? sometimes you see the souvenir and you have to die 100 times til' planets align and you get them... boss fights with random mechanics like lights that follow you sometime make it extra frustrating... don't touch this, watch someone playing it online.