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Pinstripe Pinstripe is an emotionally charged adventure through Hell created entirely by a one-man team over the course of five years. Play as Teddy, an estranged ex-minister forced to venture through the frozen afterlife in search of his three-year-old daughter Bo, and her perverse kidnapper. Discover the dark secrets of Teddy's past, and confront his sleazy, demonic nemesis, Mr. Pinstripe.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 72 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1217
Genre Miscellaneous, General
Company / Developer
Armor Games , Thomas Brush / Thomas Brush
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Pinstripe reviews ( 2 )

Sandrick, Feb 8, 2018

A fun, pretty game that entertains with simple yet satisfying puzzles and beautiful stylized visuals. There is more to do after you finish it, but this is a great little game with a lot of heart. Definitely, recommend playing it with the headphones on because the score creates a pretty great atmosphere. Yet another great example of an artistic vision made possible through Kickstarter!

SuperkenGaming, Mar 3, 2018

Pinstripe All heart Pinstripe is an adventure platformer game that takes a little longer than 3 hours to complete. Here you play as Teddy out to rescue his 3 year old daughter from Mr Pinstripe. The game will full you with all kinds of emotions both with its story telling as well as game design.. That first feeling is confusion… The opening sequence of this game has you thinking youre about to take part in a puzzle platformer switch throwing game.. But this isn’t what you get at all.. This game is highly dependent on back tracking, and before you click away.. I don’t like back tracking either.. I get it.. you want to just go forward and have a game delivered to you on rails.. But the world of pinstripe is so condensed that the backtracking I actually enjoyable… There aren’t multiple branching paths all over the place like a Metroid vania.. Its all pretty straight forward as a back tracking game can be.. it’s a lot of go forward until you you need to find switches to then set something off in the game that allows you to go back and get an item for progressing… And this need to backtrack is perfectly paced, its never annoying.. and the game will mix the gameplay up by handing you clues to unlock chests in game, it will have you doing spot the difference puzzles, and a flappy bird styled mini game all while trying to collect frozen oil shards to buy a ticket and save your daughter from some creep.. this game is also very narrative focused..and will let you choose different dialog.. and every npc is greatly voice acted….the type of choices you make does go towards a trophy for some replay incentive… as does the game giving you a goldenkey which will give you access to new areas and extras in adventure plus, And I promise you this game is worth seeing through to its end… I wasn’t blown away by the gameplay experience… but the delivery of this story made everything worth it for me Pinstripe is a simple game… Theres not a lot of challenge, its casual adventure that will make you smile. I give Pinstripe a 7/10