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Pirates of Black Cove Join, champion, and unite the three pirate factions; Pirates, Corsairs and Buccaneers. Unite the three Pirate factions to gain access to their hero units and ultimately take down the Pirates of Black Cove and become King of all Pirates. Do you have what it takes or are you a weak land lubber?

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 58 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1535
Genre Strategy, General
Company / Developer
Paradox Interactive / Nitro Games

Pirates of Black Cove reviews ( 7 )

SamiARR, Aug 7, 2011

Oh what a beautiful pirate game in the spirit of Sid Meier's Pirates! The story is well written and funny, and the game is full of hilarious pirate jokes. You sail the Caribbean seas with a mission to unite all the pirates (pirates, buccaneers and corsairs) and defeat the evil Black Covians. You can setup your ship with various special weapons, such as human cannonball, which shoots a willing sailor to another ship in order to capture it. Another big part of the game is light-RTS style land combat, where you try to accomplish several different missions on some 50 or so different land levels.On the release day the game was a bit buggy but these are now fixed with patches that I recommend everyone to install. After patching I had no trouble to complete the game. It took some 15 hours to complete so the amount of content was good. I will try again with a rifleman so I can try some different approaches to land combats..GRAPHICSThe world looks stunning, especially the water. Towns are also well made. Game's unique style can be seen everywhere from loading screens to buildings in towns. Generally the game is a bit heavy on the PC but graphics can be toned down from the options so you should be good to go even with a bit older machine. SOUNDVoice acting varies a bit from ok to great, but it's generally good. Music reminds me of Pirates and really helps to set the mood.

chevmech, May 5, 2012

I originally gave this game a lower score because of the amount of RESOURCES it takes to actually run it. My system was well within specs, but until I upgraded my video, the game was pretty much unplayable. Since then, I have finally had the chance to play the game. FUN! Along the same lines as Sid's game with more of an RTS style ground combat element. Fans of Pirates should enjoy this game- it is the closest to it than anything else out there. This game has its own charm and humor to separate it from just being a Pirates! clone. There is room for improvement in some areas, but for the price I feel I made a solid purchase.

Heavymetal4life, Oct 6, 2011

Really enjoyed this game, The commentary an voice overs were a bit lacking in Greatness, Is nothing like Syd's Pirates game, But it was fun had some nice twists, Good controls for moving the ship an firing, can go on land an battle with your pirates for stuff within the towns, decent level up structure. All in all I give this game 7/10 cause was fun, good game. Cant expect it to be a total pirate Sim, was only $20.00 which I thought was a decent price for a brand new release an I have not come across to big of bug/error issues.

JSNB, Oct 6, 2011

It was rather slow, but some things were able to keep my interest, like being able to take over other ships in search for a better one. What really bothered me though was they didn't take their own game seriously enough. I don't mind comedy in a game but the things they did was pointless and stupid. When I started my game and my guys name was "Walker De Plank" and the commander of the other ship had a voice of someone that sounded like he escaped a french mental institution, I almost lost all hope for the game right then and there only 30 seconds in. That voice was just so damn irritating. You have to take your own game seriously if you want me to.

Klewer, Dec 26, 2013

A game that has a few enjoyable moments and features however the slow pace of the the game makes it a struggle to get through after a pretty short amount of time.

LaKriz, Aug 31, 2011

Everything in this game seems like a very poor attempt to copy Sid Meyer's Pirates, but it fails in every respect. Ship Battles are dull, due to the fact that the game ignores all the physics (like wind and tides) which would make them interesting. Land missions are stupidly easy and boring. Not worth the money. You should play the demo before you shell out your money on this title.

CaptainSpanky, Aug 7, 2011

The quick review would be to say that it is boring and buggy, poorly though out and executed. I am glad that I only paid £7.50 for it, but even that was a waste of cash. Ship combat is dull and laggy, land combat is so poorly executed it is laughable - there are games from the 1990's with better top down combat and AI than this thing.. The game is also very poorly balanced, and has a poor soundtrack. To give more detail, the game is very basic and very dull.. Alot of people were, like me, expecting a cross between Sid Miers Pirates! and a strategy RPG with more character dev and ship customisation, what we got was something that failed to do either concept at all. You have none of the ship/crew management that is found in Sid Miers Pirates, the game play itself is basically boring mission after boring mission, most of which are land based "A to B" missions that involve walking a linear path with incredibly poor combat, and absolutely shocking path finding for the land units, which often get stuck behind obstacles. All your units lump together into an almost indistinguishable mass on land, and there is no attack move button for your units, so they will basically run along getting hit. if you don't click on each enemy individually. If they are standing still they will attack a unit right next to them, but that is about the extent of it, no room for any tactics or strategy. As said above there are games from the early 1990's that have a more sophisticated setup than this piece of junk. On top of this you are always forced to run all the way back to the beach at the end of every mission, which is basically a waste of your life.. it can take several minutes on some of the larger islands and is utterly pointless. The Naval combat is very very dull, repetitive close range canon spam abut sums it up. Unlike almost any other "Age of Sail" or Pirate based game, you do not have options for canon shot type, so no grape shot to whittle down the crew or chain shot to smash the masts and sails, just repetitive spamming of the fire button. The games poor balance is most visible when it comes to the ships, your starting ship is a floating tube, as to be expected, but it is easily possible to gain very early access to the larger ships, which basically own every thing.. combined with the ability to repair your ships even during combat, you would have to be an idiot to lose you ship, making the combat both boring and too easy. Long and short of it is, do not buy this game. If you want a pirate game then go for Sid Miers Pirates if you have not played it, or Akella's Age of Pirates titles are pretty good if you install the mod's.